University of Southern California Finance Division

This is the most valuable thing you can do as an organization. If you can get people onboard and aligned with the values, and get processes and structures in place, everything else tends to take care of itself.

BlueShore Financial

The values process was extremely beneficial for our organization. We have learned a lot about the importance of aligning personal values with corporate values and how this contributes to a highly engaged and productive work environment. We highly recommend this process to other organizations.


The values survey has been a powerful means of validating that the changes the management team sought are being acknowledged by employees. It has helped create a more open atmosphere for discussion of the things we need to change.


There’s no question that this process has been worthwhile. In addition to the significant progress in our business metrics, there’s a whole new level of dialogue going on in the organization. Concerns are being aired and addressed quickly.

Yale New Haven Health

Given our rapid growth and system focus, we needed to realign and re-communicate who we were as a System. We found that our focus was not on the who, as that did not materially change, but was rather on how we went about demonstrating who we were, which boiled down to our behaviors.