How has COVID-19 impacted the values and culture of organizations? 

What is needed to recover and thrive? 

The Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment sought to answer these important questions to support leaders in caring for their stakeholders and addressing the challenges we are facing worldwide.

We are thrilled to share the experience of more than 2,500 participants from around the world with you. We hope these materials are helpful for you to understand the extent of what is needed as a result of this global transformation. 


Seemingly overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a formidable global disruption both in its magnitude and in its intimacy. Referred to as “The Great Pause,” it forced individuals, organizations, and even humanity at large to stop, look inward, and then shift how they operate in the world.  What did that shift entail?  And how great was it? This article explores the results and key findings of the Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment



The Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment asked participants about their personal values (who they are), how their organization operated before the pandemic, how it is operating now, and what is needed for it to recover and thrive. 

We are sharing reports from certain demographic categories and other materials to help you understand the data.

All Participants

Employed Participants

Gender Comparison

Generation Comparison

Position Comparison (C-Suite/Exec, Manager, Staff)




In collaboration with AxiaOrigin

Has “Power” now taken on a different meaning for business leaders? How far has interest in Gender Equality fallen away since the start of the pandemic? And where exactly are we seeing a divergence in values between business leaders and their staff due to COVID-19?

These are a few of the pivotal questions posed through Barrett Values Centre’s Global COVID-19 Culture Assessment, and which AxiaOrigin now invites YOU to explore through our interactive visualization tool.

It will allow you to explore and interact with the COVID-19 survey data, as well as Open and Social media data around it.

And you can be guided by the team at AxiaOrigin through an accompanying audio podcast, as we’ll venture on the journey together to understand what these insights mean for us within a “New Normal”.


Watch this webinar to learn about the COVID-19 Culture Assessment, our initial findings on the cultural impact of COVID-19, what’s needed to recover and thrive, industry snapshots, and how the findings correlate with social data.


Through reflection and conversation, people develop a collective awareness of what’s functional and dysfunctional and begin to define the way forward toward the desired culture. Therefore, we are sharing a number of tools to help foster meaningful dialogue with leaders and in your teams or organization.

Tools to Help Derive Purpose for Leaders

Thank you to Clive Wilson from Primeast for sharing these tools to support coaching for purpose and connecting leaders to a bigger or deeper purpose.

Dynamics of Change includes exercises such as The Change Curve, Diagnostic Questions, Support Systems, Force Field Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, and Future Dialogue.

Get Connected includes exercises such as Open Space, Important Questions, Core Motivations, 4 Whys, Align Strategy & Culture, Team Core Values & Wanted Behaviors, My Team’s Level of Trust, Effective Feedback, and Creative Mind.

Interested in exploring how COVID-19 has impacted your organization?