Our BVC Analytics are widely recognized for their ease of use, detailed diagnostics, and meaningful insight. They are based on our proven methodology and perfected over more than 25 years of real-world experience, used by thousands of organizations and leaders around the world.


Culture Assessment

Provides a deeper understanding of what motivates people in your organization, an objective diagnosis of what is and isn’t working, and actionable insights with a clear path forward.

Cultural Evolution Report

Correlates the results of consecutive Culture Assessments for an additional level of analysis: revealing trends, highlighting improvements, and flagging emerging challenges.

Small Group Assessment

Cost-effectively maps the values of a team or group of fifty or fewer people.

Merger/Compatibility Assessment

Supports the seamless integration of teams and departments by measuring the strengths of each group and identifying any potential obstacles.

Customer Assessment

Highlights what is important to key stakeholders and how they perceive your organization and brand.

Wellbeing Assessment

The Wellbeing Assessment is a powerful tool for measuring wellbeing in the workplace, understanding the work environment, and identifying factors that help and hinder wellbeing.

Culture Sustainability

This report shows how cultural values can support or hinder the ambitions of the UN Sustainability Goals and ESG initiatives and supports the actions to improve success. 


Leadership Values Assessment

Offers a thorough, 360 degree assessment of a leader’s values, strengths, and areas for growth, based on confidential feedback from their chosen colleagues. A customized analysis commonly used for coaching C-suite and executive level leaders.

Leadership Development Report

Provides a more standardized approach for leadership feedback. Often used for mid-level managers or large-scale leadership programs.

Leadership Evolution Report

Supports ongoing leadership development by tracking and evaluating a leader’s evolving style over time.

Leadership Team Values Assessment

Provides an overview of what motivates your leaders, assesses their effectiveness as collaborators, and identifies the initiatives they feel are essential for putting leadership on the path to success.

Leader Self-Assessment

Supplies insights into your core operating values to deepen your understanding of what is important to you as a leader, in which areas you currently demonstrate strength and potential next areas of focus.


Individual Values Assessment

Provides clarity into what individuals value most, and what changes are necessary to find fulfillment at work.

Personal Values Assessment

In just a few minutes of your time, reveals a wealth of fascinating insights into why you do what you do.


School Assessment

Allows you to manage the performance of your school while putting values at the heart of education.