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Personal Values Assessment


How much is the Personal Values Assessment?

It is $19.95 USD. This is a one time, per use cost.

What do I get with this assessment?

You will receive your PVA report, including your results, guidance on interpreting them and exercises to support your development. You also will gain access to the video-based learning “Discovery Journey”. This course takes you short journey of self-discovery, through the world of personal values, why they’re important, and how they influence the decisions you make.

How do I receive my report?

Your report will be sent to your email address that you provided when you signed in. It comes as a PDF attachment, which you can download and retain. It will be delivered to your email inbox within minutes of completing the assessment.

My report never came into my inbox.

First, check your spam and trash folders, in case your internet firewall blocked the email. If you still do not find the report, please click here to contact BVC.

I received my report a while back, but can’t find it. Can you resend?

Yes, if you took the assessment within 3 months of your request. We only retain reports for 3 months. Please click here to contact BVC.

How does BVC use and protect my personal information?

First, the report that is generated with your data is only retained in our system for 3 months. After that it is deleted. Second, the data from your assessment is stored in our database for research purposes only. It is totally anonymized – we do not associate your name, email address, or payment information to this data. Third, this data is aggregated with all other Personal Values Assessments taken. Fourth, we never store your payment information. Ever.

I love this report! How can I learn more?

BVC offers assessments in leadership, culture and wellbeing for leadership and organizational development. Our products are only available through BVC Certified Consultants. If you are interested in any of our assessments, please contact us and we will connect you to a consultant. If you are interested in becoming BVC Certified Consultant yourself, please visit our training page.

My language is not available for this assessment.

BVC offers the Personal Values Assessment in 22 languages based on interest for those languages. We are always in the process of improving. Tell us the language you are interested in, so we can consider this for future development.

I want to learn more about the charitable contribution.

BVC aspires to live our company vision: To create a world where everyone thrives by amplifying personal and organizational potential. Giving back is one way we do this. Fifty percent of all Personal Values Assessments profits are distributed to charitable organizations. We select three to give you choice in directing the funds. Many of charitable organizations are personally connected to the BVC staff members own charitable work. On a regular basis, we review our policies on the PVA and our charitable program.  For example, we will regularly change the organizations that we support through the Personal Values Assessment. There are so many good, important causes in this world.

How do I get a refund?

We are sorry you experienced difficulty or dissatisfaction. Please use this form to share with us your concerns and will reach back out to you in a timely manner.

Maybe we missed your question?

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