This is your organization, thriving:

Excitement is in the air, ideas flow, and innovation comes naturally as your people invest their creativity into continuously enhancing the customer experience.  Your teams easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and leadership works to cultivate a shared vision of success. Your employees are learning, growing, and able to bring their full selves to work in support of your organizational purpose.

Since 1997, Barrett Values Centre has been helping organizations like yours to thrive by building high-performing, values-driven cultures.

Cultural transformation happens when people in the organization become deeply aware of their motivations and are able to align these with their organizational strategic intentions in a collaborative way. It is an evolutionary process that unleashes the best of what can be, both individually and collectively.

At the heart of our approach are our acclaimed BVC Analytics, insightful training opportunities, and our global network of BVC Certified Consultants.

Barrett Analytics

We pioneered and perfected the tools for assessing organizational values, and for using that data to forge a targeted, measurable path towards optimal culture – one that’s good for people and the bottom line. BVC Analytics are scalable, fully customizable to your specific needs, and available in over 60 languages.

Here’s what to expect from an assessment:

You’ll get a clear picture of what your employees truly care about, enabling you to keep your employees passionately engaged and performing at their best.

The assessment flags the gaps between your current and optimal culture, highlighting any dysfunction in your organization with our Cultural Entropy® score.

The data is the basis for defining measurable goals and an actionable roadmap to a higher-performance culture.

Experienced Guidance from a BVC Certified Consultant

Many organizations benefit from working with a BVC Certified Consultant. They will serve as your trusted guide throughout the process by helping you get the most from the work – from clarifying goals and customizing assessments to interpreting results and monitoring progress.

Each Consultant is thoroughly trained in the Barrett Model™ and BVC Analytics and brings their own experience, passion, and commitment to supporting your organization in reaching its highest potential.

Building In-House Expertise with Targeted Training

Many of the world’s most successful companies have found cultivating in-house culture specialists to be an invaluable strategy.

We offer extensive training resources so you can build your organization’s cultural expertise – appropriate for everyone from Culture Officers and HR and Organizational Development specialists, to entire people-focused teams.

Culture Development Tools

Culture Diagnostic

Understand what is supporting or getting in the way of your organization or team thriving.

Managing Cultural Progress

Measure what is happening in the culture of your organization on a regular basis to respond to a rapidly changing world.

Top Team Alignment

Create a high-performing, cohesive leadership team utilizing the strengths of each member of the group.

Cultural Due Diligence

Anticipate and plan for cultural issues that could arise in a merger or acquisition.

Stakeholder Feedback

Build strong relationships with customers, partners, and others close to your organization.

Thriving Culture + Effective Strategy = Thriving Organization

It’s a simple formula: As your culture and strategy improve, so does employee engagement – making your team more productive and positively impacting everything from attracting talent to customer satisfaction to profitability.

Some organizations put off efforts to optimize culture, because it is not part of their “hard data” set. Take comfort in knowing that our method is in fact goal-driven, highly measurable, and offers the best ROI of any performance initiative. Those are the kind of metrics any fan of “hard data” can appreciate.

It is widely recognized that thriving culture is the key contributor to any organization’s success. What is the most effective path to a thriving culture? Values. They are the key motivators behind your culture.

Focusing on values allows for a profound understanding of your organization’s present dynamics – so that action plans are based on accurate insights and tuned to your unique circumstances and goals.