For more than 25 years, we have been honored to work with our global network of BVC Consultants and Coaches to help thousands of organizations and leaders around the world achieve new levels of success by shaping culture to support strategy.

We look forward to bringing the same expertise and commitment to supporting you.


With thousands of trained and experienced consultants and coaches spread across every corner of the globe, chances are good that we can help craft a solution that is fit to your specific need. Here are just some of the organizational and leadership challenges we have helped clients overcome:

Organizational Change

Culture development

Mergers & Acquisition

Business Transformation

Employee Well-Being

Diversity and inclusion

Leadership Development

Leadership Team Alignment

Executive Coaching

High-Potential Development Programs

Succession Planning

Leader as Coach

Business Process

Strategy & Culture Alignment

Risk Management

Ethic & Compliance

OD Strategy Development

Change Management

You can expect:

  • Flexible and scalable responses to meet your needs
  • Whole system solutions: assessments, analysis, coaching and training
  • Consultants and coaches matched to your level of need, from the C-Suite to the frontline
Consistent and persistent work with our wanted culture is one of our critical success factors.
-Magnus Carlander, CEO Volvo IT


Your BVC Certified Consultant will clarify goals and design a targeted, measurable program. Your culture journey may begin with a focus on leadership development, or on the organization as a whole, depending on the most effective approach to achieving results.

Your organization’s solution will be designed to reflect your unique needs. In general, these are the steps you can expect:

At the core of our approach is an invitation to organizational leaders to work on whole system change that integrates business culture and strategy in a process based on emerging paradigms that position corporations at the forefront of social evolution.


Maintaining a healthy culture ensures your team will effectively navigate the ever-changing opportunities and challenges they face, as well as keep their engagement and performance at its peak.

Culture and leadership development are best thought of as an ongoing journey for your organization. As you achieve your goals, new opportunities for growth emerge, and you’ll find the attention you spend on culture keeps delivering great returns, especially as your internal capacity for managing your culture grows.


Just as you have people responsible for HR, finance, and communication, many organizations have found cultivating in-house culture capability to be an invaluable strategy. We offer extensive training resources to help you enhance your organization’s cultural expertise.

In addition, we draw on our decades of experience to offer:

  • Webinars, forums, and mastermind groups to learn from experienced peers and practitioners
  • Access to client stories, white papers, and publications
  • Comprehensive training and education options
  • One-on-one support whenever you need it
  • Access to client stories, white papers, and publications
  • Comprehensive training and education options
  • One-on-one support whenever you need it

Approaching your challenges together, we form a strategic alliance to discover and apply leading-edge best practices to enable your organization to thrive.