We are excited to share some important and timely changes to the Barrett Model with you. These changes reflect the wisdom and insights we have gained over the last 23 years.  Specifically, they are designed to:

  • Engage as many audiences as possible
  • Support greater clarity, continuity, and relevance in the marketplace
  • Reflect developments in science since Maslow

The new model is a collaboration and joint launch between Barrett Values Centre and the Barrett Academy.


We are shifting from the Seven Levels of Consciousness to the Barrett Model in order to:

  • Connect and honor Richard Barrett’s legacy
  • Remove any preconceived notions or resistance around the term ‘consciousness’
  • Strengthen our brand name in the marketplace so it is one name, similar to Denison, Gallup, Hewitt, and Hogan

By combining the Seven Levels of Personal Consciousness and Seven Levels of Organizational Consciousness into one model, we aim to promote simplicity and clarity when working with clients.

We have made additional changes to further support consistency with our brand by renaming the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) to Barrett Analytics and Certified CTT Consultant to Barrett Certified Consultant.  


Many of the titles of the levels have been renamed to:

  • Leverage the latest scientific evidence
  • Mirror present-day issues and areas of focus
  • Maintain alignment with ancient wisdom
  • Work both with an individual and a group
  • Support intuitive understanding without needing additional explanation

Please watch the video below to learn more about why we have made these changes and what they entail:

Introducing the new Barrett Model titles, descriptions, and values:


The CTS Diagram is changing to the Balance Index with Common Good – Transformation – Self-Interest shifting to Impact – Evolution – Foundation to:

  • Simplify the language for easier comprehension
  • Remove implied superiority and possible judgment 
  • Emphasize the need for balance, as one is not better than the other and both are needed in a successful organization

The reasons behind these changes are explained in the video below:


Access updated graphics for the new Barrett Model, Balance Index, and Barrett Consultant’s logo, as well as other brand tools, via the BVC Brand Guide page.