“I am immensely grateful to Richard Barrett and to his organization for my continued success, for changing my own philosophy of business and the way I approach change. In his new book, ‘The Values-Driven Organization,’ Richard expands on his earlier work, and takes the opportunity to articulate why values are so important in shaping society and why they matter to humanity as a whole.”

– John McFarlane, Chairman Barclays Bank

Values-driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet. Richard Barrett’s book explains that understanding employees’ needs—what people value—is the key to creating a high performing organization. When you support employees in satisfying their needs, they respond with high levels of engagement and willingly commit their energies to the organization, bringing passion and creativity to their work.

The new edition provides an updated set of tools to assess corporate culture, new case studies on cultural transformation, and additional materials on sustainability, measuring cultural health at work and the specific needs of the millennial generation.



“Investors, regulators, and organizations of all scales and sectors are increasingly demanding more objective and granular evidence around culture. Richard’s latest book, “The Values-Driven Organization,” draws from a wide range of findings from the BVC Cultural Values Assessment – a tool which has proven a very useful data source in our own analytics-led cultural assessments – and Richard’s own experience to provide practical insights and ideas that will be useful to a host of people with an interest in culture and transformation.”

– Kevin Hills, EY Culture & Integrity Lead Partner, UK and Ireland


“I have been applying the principles and practices Richard Barrett outlines in this book since 2010 with great results. The insights contained in this latest volume can help anyone become a more conscious leader of corporate culture.”

– Arvind Shankar, Global Managing Director, Accenture Enterprise Enablement


“After implementing the principles outlined in Richard’s book, I have seen my organization excelling significantly in terms of employee engagement, passion, and creativity, leading to new state-of-the-art business solutions and an outstanding performance. Richard’s Full Spectrum Leadership approach has been a great catalyst in transforming the leadership team’s view on the value of Employee Well-Being as a major energizing factor for the success and the sustainability of the organization.”

– Piet Lammens, General Manager, Statoil Coordination Center, Belgium


“Richard’s grasp of conscious capitalism is extraordinary. In the second edition of his best-selling book The Values-Driven Organization, he provides a process, methodology, and tools for measuring the cultural health of organizations. I highly recommend this book if you believe caring for your employees comes before caring for your customers.”

– John Mackey, co-Founder and co-CEO Whole Foods Market


“Richard Barrett deserves his reputation as the leading expert on how values drive business success. His understanding of the interaction of the stages of psychological development with levels of human motivation is masterly. The insights contained in this book on how an organization can measure its culture and bring about change are intensely practical.  The book provides a unique blend of theoretical foundation and useful advice for a leader of any type of organisation.”

– Christopher Hodges MA Ph.D. FSALS, Professor of Justice Systems, and Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Oxford.


“In a world dominated by the power of money, the impact business has on our society is now greater than ever. By bringing empirical evidence and science to the otherwise elusive and qualitative measurements of what makes organizations thrive, BVC provides the tools we need to measure and nurture the soul of an organization. The Values-driven Organization maps the science of corporate soul retrieval.”

– Lawrence Ford, The Shaman of Wall Street, Author, and CEO of Conscious Capital Wealth Management


“In The Values-Driven Organization, Richard Barrett, the world leading expert on values, offers an indispensable overview of how values function as the core operating principle for the human being and subsequently play a much more crucial role for individuals, organizations as well as societies than is generally understood.”

– Björn Larsson, CEO, the ForeSight Group


“Attention trend-trackers! Richard Barrett has defined the cutting edge of organizational values and culture for decades. Now in the second edition of his breakthrough best-seller The Values-Driven Organization, he reveals how employee well-being and a vibrant culture generate sustainable performance. A must read for leaders and H.R. professionals.”

– Patricia Aburdene, author Megatrends 2010 and Conscious