2014 CTT International Conference
Stockholm, Sweden


Building a Values-Driven Society

June 11-13th, 2014

Societal transformation happens one person at a time, and each and every person has the ability to foster change. We believe this journey starts by living one’s values.

At this conference, we brought together various sectors of society to forge and deepen new and powerful relationships. By focusing on personal, organisational, national and global transformation, leaders and change agents had an opportunity share, learn and build community around taking the vision of building a values-driven society into action.

Many of the conference presenters have shared their presentations so that more people have the tools, methods and, most importantly, the inspiration to implement change.


2014 International Conference Video Compilation 

This short compilation video shares some hightlights from the conference.


Videos: (Only plenary sessions were recorded)

Alan Williams and Alison Whybrow

Alexandra Berg

Annalise Jennings

Carsten Alvén

Gregg Vanourek

Hans Abrahamsson

Harriet Fagerholm and Katja Vilponiemi

John Engle

Karin Volo

Paul Dunn

Mia Hultman

Ola Schenström

Richard Barrett

Tim Kelley


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