MENA World Region Training Program

Become a Barrett Certified Culture Transformation Consultant (CCTC)

Program Overview

Barrett Values Centre (BVC) has established with the Routes for Development and Consultancy (RDC) a world region strategic alliance In the Middle East- North Africa (MENA) world region. This training is for external consultants to learn how to use all Barrett assessments and analytics for any group of any size, whether an organization, team, not-for-profit, community, school, etc. Participants are involved in lectures, hands-on exercises, discussion, and group activities.

By the end of this program, you will have a deep understanding of the Barrett ModelTM and how to apply it. You will be proficient in reading and interpreting the data from all BVC assessments. This includes the process of setting up and running an assessment with your clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce attendees to the Barrett Model and integrated suite of Culture, Leadership, Personal Development, and Wellbeing assessments.
  • Develop proficiency in interpreting and presenting assessment data.
  • Enable attendees to work with the Barrett Model and comfortably and confidently present results.
  • Provide best practice approaches in transformation related to people and culture, build a culture that attends to employee wellbeing, and understand what it takes to ensure sustainability of initiatives in various functions across all stakeholders.
  • Introduce the 4 journeys of alignment necessary to sustain change and transformation.
  • Experience what it means to lead from a values-based perspective and the impact this can have as you work with leaders and organizations.
  • Allow attendees to practice receiving and delivering assessment feedback with each other.
  • Offer attendees access to a repository of materials that support working with culture.

After Certification

You will have access to the following assessments:

After being awarded certification, BVC & RDC supports you in implementing your learnings, gaining experience and building your business all at the same time. We are launching a new MENA strategic alliance to meet growing demand in the region. Consultants will benefit from leads flowing to the BVC world region partner.

Activation Incentives: 40% discount will be available for assessments purchased within the first year of your certification date, up to $4,000 USD maximum savings. (The discounts do not apply to individual assessments: IVA & LSA).

Certification Process

How to Enroll:

We are limiting enrollment to 10 consultants for this special introductory program.   Contact Fouad Zein, Principal Consultant at Routes for Development and Consultancy & MENA Region Strategic Alliance for Barrett Values Centre for a personal and private no-obligation discovery call to find out if this program is right for you.


All inquiries are confidential. Payment plans are available to the right candidates.


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