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January 2018

CTT Practitioner
Dates: Jan 23 to Jan 26
Location: Gothenburg
Trainer: Gunnel Eneroth
Language: Swedish
Price: SEK (excl. VAT) 23,000.00

The 4-day special combined & integrated Cultural Transformation Tools training course combines the 2-day CTT Part 1 (Models & Tools) and 3-day CTT Part 2 (Building a Vision-guided, Values-driven Organisation) courses providing coaches, consultants, change agents and managers with everything they need to get started using CTT.

They become accredited with this powerful suite of values-based diagnostic tools and to learn a variety of practical methods and approaches that will enable them to integrate these tools into their business. In delivering the 4-day CTT course, your trainer brings many years of 'practitioner' experience working with the Cultural Transformation Tools.

Course participants get to learn about real-life examples of cultural transformation.

Additional Description:

Johan Bäckman, Emilie Widarsson, Gunnel Eneroth, Carl Johan Lillieroth

Culture transformation Tools för integrerad kulturell transformation 
CTT Practitioner vänder sig till ledare, konsulter, coacher och personalchefer som vill bygga kompetens och självförtroende för att kunna planera och genomföra kulturell transformation, och bygga värderingsdrivna organisationer. 
CTT Practitioner innefattar fyra innehållsrika dagar och tillhandahåller den kunskap som behövs för att bli certifierad inom hela spektrumet av de mät- och diagnostiska verktygen inom Culture Transformation Tools®. Utbildningen fokuserar på konkreta metoder för att integrera verktygen i ordinarie verksamhet med syftet att skapa ett strukturerat och pragmatiskt sätt att arbeta med integrerad kulturell transformation på individuell nivå, på ledarnivå och på organisatoriskt nivå.

CTT Practitioner genomförs av CTT-utbildarna i Sverige och pedagogiken bygger på en blandning av föreläsningar, diskussioner, egen reflektion och gruppaktiviteter. Utbildningen är på svenska och kursboken samt kursmanualen är skrivna på engelska.

Som certifierad i Culture Transformation Tools® kommer du kunna använda alla CTT-verktyg på egen hand, få tillgång till MY CTT med massor av nyttigt material, samt blir en del av Barrett Values Centres globala nätverk. Som certifierad erbjuds du även halva priset på LVA/LDR (360° feedback) för din egen kontinuerliga utveckling.


Priset för utbildningen är 23 000 SEK (exkl. moms) och innefattar:

Kursbok: ”The Values-Driven Organization” av Richard Barrett
Genomförande och analys av:

Dina personliga värderingar (IVA) kopplat till din organisations värderingar
Din ledarskapsstil (360°-feedback på din ledarstil, LDR)

Lunch och fika alla dagar
Kostnadsfria mätningar (att själv genomföra på valfri klient):

1 st. Individual Values ​​Assessment, IVA (värde $200)
1 st. Small Group ​​Assessment, SGA (värde $1000) alternativt
1 st. Leadership Development Report, LDR (värde $250)

Certifieringsintyg efter genomgången utbildning

Kontakta gärna någon av oss utbildare om du har funderingar eller frågor.​


 Johan Bäckman                        0732-55 65 00

 Gunnel Eneroth                0705-19 11 53

 Emilie Widarsson                     0702-66 0 266

 Carl Johan Lillieroth            0707-70 30 65

CTT Practitioner
Dates: Jan 24 to Jan 26
Location: London
Trainer: Faiza Khokhar
Language: English
Price: £ 2,600.00


Culture is becoming one of the most important issues for leaders today, as they grapple with increasing complexity and a rapidly changing landscape. Whether its managing risk, responding to changing legislation, adapting to new technologies and marketing channels, organisational growth or navigating new markets; companies are realising that creating cultures that are responsive, agile and values-driven a source of sustainable competitive advantage. The CTT Practitioner course will equip you to grow your competence and confidence in initiating and leading personal and collective cultural transformation and values-based leadership development. The 31/2-day Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) course, is built upon the extensive international expertise of leading organisational transformation and contains real life business cases, dialogue workshops, personal development, challenging exercises and accompanying support materials.

The course will be led by Faiza Khokhar and Joy Rees. Faiza is an experienced Business Psychologist, Coach, and Facilitator with over 17 years of experience in helping organisations and leaders flourish as they navigate significant transitions. Joy has spent the last 20 years working with organisations who are implementing changes to technology and processes in a lasting and human way. Joy and Faiza have spent the last six years supporting the development of a whole-system transformation at Old Mutual, a £13.7billion international investment, savings, insurance, and banking group with over 16million customers worldwide. Their work has involved an embedding a values-driven culture where trust and customer are at the heart of the organisation’s purpose. You can read more about some of the work they have been involved in and their experience below.


Who is the course for?

The course is designed for coaches, consultants, HR Practitioners, leaders and change agents who would like to become certified users of the CTT tools. The course will empower you in your role as a change agent and provide you with practical methods and approaches to lead cultural transformation with your clients. The course applies both to beginner and an experienced practitioners. Additionally, we will provide post-training support to help get you started with setting up, organising, interpreting and presenting your first Cultural Values Assessments. If you've already attended a CTT Foundation course (CTT Part 1), then it is still very valuable for you to attend all 3 days of this course. Although some of the CTT Foundation elements are similar, the training itself has a different approach to learning and is much more practical and experiential.


Additional Description

Day 1: focuses on what a values-based approach to culture is all about. We work with our own personal consciousness and motivations as leaders, and learn more about the 7 Levels of Consciousness model. Taking a systemic lens we look at how to achieve sustainable whole system change. Understanding our own values and how they influence our work, we introduce the Individual Values Assessment (IVA) and how to read and use it for self-development and coaching. Moving from individual to the group we gain practical experience on how to get the most out of a Cultural Values Assessments (CVA), and how to move into actionable results with a team.

Day 2: addresses organisational culture and using the tools to understand how to work with sub-cultures, effectively support mergers and acquisitions as well as using the tools for leadership development and coaching ( This is a long day)

Day 3: is devoted to direction and action. It covers the creation of vision and mission statements (the direction) and, finally, we cook everything together into a comprehensive and practical plan for creating values/cultural transformation. The day also includes marketing practices.

To support your practice, you are offered two assessment (IVA and SGA or LDR). Of course, all course materials and PowerPoint files will be shared with you. In addition, delegates will receive a free follow-up coaching session with Faiza or Joy to support your transformational work.

The minimum number of participants is 5 and maximum 16. Latest time to register is 3 weeks before the course start date.


About the Facilitators

Faiza Khokhar

A Chartered Business Psychologist, OD expert, Facilitator and Leadership Coach, Faiza is passionate about using her insights into human behaviour and organisational dynamics to influence change and transformation in individuals, groups, and organisations. She has a proven track record of engaging employees and supporting organisational transformation to build high performing, sustainable cultures where people are free to bring themselves to work.

Faiza’s grounded and commercial approach is built on a strong foundation of both consulting across various business sectors, as well as experience working in-house within the financial services sector. She has spent the last nine years working on cultural transformation within Old Mutual, to build a values-driven culture that is aligned with the vision and purpose of the organization. Faiza builds collaborative partnerships where stakeholders from different backgrounds, work creatively together, grappling and making sense of complex issues, in order to listen and act on what's really being called for.

Passionate about developing leaders, Faiza helps them find ways to navigate the unknown, particularly during times of transition. Her approach is focused on empowering leaders to find their own unique sense of agency so that they can show up fully and make an impact on the world around them.

Having served as SteerCom member on the Old Mutual Women’s Network and through her work with a charity focused on supporting marginalised women, Faiza is committed to supporting and empowering women and minorities to fulfill their greatest potential. She focuses on working compassionately to raise awareness of issues around rank, power, and identity in order to mobilise greater cohesion and inclusion.

Faiza works holistically, drawing on her deep psychological expertise, in the areas of cultural change, leadership development, talent management, group facilitation and coaching.

Faiza has a particular interest in bringing our more human, playful and creative selves into everyday working interactions.


Joy Rees

Joy is an experienced programme manager who leads global teams through a change in a focused, energy filled and values-driven way. She holds a first class MB Leadership degree.  Joy spent 16 years in a South African Bank as a senior manager learning that the key to high performance in an organisation lies in having a diverse, committed team who are valued for their skills, knowledge and the unique contribution that they can make given the right opportunity. She believes that it is possible for organisations to be high performing, delivery focused, cost conscious and put the customer first only if they have their people at the heart of their business.

Working with people has always been at the centre of Joy’s roles. As a manager growing and developing people through opportunities, coaching and feedback was vital. In her more recent role, she has enabled and empowered others through the change implementations working with them to ensure that each transformation is accompanied by the necessary communication, training and particularly the support that is needed for HRBP.

Joy is passionate about ensuring that the work of transformation and change is strongly linked to the strategy and vision of the organisation. She has worked with both the Risk and Customer Experience teams in Old Mutual to forge these links and to make them visible through reporting.

Joy has developed particular skills at leading implementations teams who are globally dispersed.  Using collaborative software, video, and telecon and webex for both training and leading project teams, she has developed techniques to ensure that meetings can be held efficiently and effectively allowing all team members to participate and engage.

Joy is known for ‘getting things done’ but this is tempered with a deep commitment to listen, collaborate, allowing solutions to emerge through conversation and inquiry.



Sue-Ann Ind, Group Head of Governance, Risk, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Old Mutual plc

"I have had the pleasure of working with Joy and Faiza over the last three years (since 2013), using the Barrett Culture tool to form an overall picture of what culture means from a risk perspective.  As a risk professional, I had little insight into the workings and rationale of the methodology and the Barrett tool. Joy and Faiza supported me to learn about the methodology and the tool in some detail through their training workshops, meetings with Richard Barrett and many meetings with me to help me practically apply what I’d learned.

This was a fundamental contribution to enabling us to then develop an in-house “top down” tool to assess and quantify Risk and Control Culture – something that many organisations still struggle to achieve. This culminated in the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) using our firm’s approach to culture underpinning the strategy as a case study in their 2016 publication on Corporate Culture and the Role of Boards.

Joy and Faiza were proactive in identifying forums for us to share and teach others about our approach and to test our ideas.  This helped us to achieve buy-in and feedback to improve from a diverse group, and also helped us to develop a really deep understanding of how all the component parts of culture complemented each other and worked together.  We consequently developed a really sound working relationship between the HR and the Risk teams and a fantastic tool - which for me personally was very fulfilling and a lot of fun!

I also understand that our firm had one of the greatest rates of individuals using the Barrett tool to complete our “bottom up” survey.  For me, this means that the training was clear and that people understood and believed in and trusted the tool – it had credibility and integrity.  Faiza and Joy’s role was fundamental to achieving this across our FTSE50 global financial services group, which operates across multiple geographies, lines of business and cultures!"

CTT Part 2 – Building a Values-Driven Organisation Virtual
Dates: Jan 24 to Jan 26
Location: virtual training
Trainer: Niran Jiang
Language: English
Price: $US 2,000.00

Natural System Learning from the Institute of Human Excellence (IHE)

IHE was founded by Sir John Whitmore and Niran Jiang. Organizations across sectors worldwide have been choosing IHE as their preferred partner for cultural transformation, leadership development, and executive coaching.

This is an online accreditation course from IHE for you to become a whole system change practitioner on how to design and implement cultural change programmes and transformation journeys using the Cultural Transformation Models and Tools. It provides you with methodologies and expertise in the delivery of values assessments, cultural implementation and strategic transformation for your organisation or clients.

Your trainer Niran Jiang is a highly effective organizational development practitioner with over 25 years of diverse experience from around the world. She has led some of the most high-profile transformation initiatives using CTT tools, for clients such as NIB, Westpac, Dai-ichi Life, Medicare, Centrelink, Telecom NZ, China Mobile, BT and National Trust. She is also a seasoned trainer who has developed thousands of coaches and CTT practitioners worldwide.

Niran will guide your learning with a wealth of practitioner knowledge, client case stories, and best practice studies. Participants will engage in a highly experiential journey to develop CTT expertise, practical skills as well as self-belief to make a difference in this field with your personal edge.

You will learn how to implement cultural transformation using the Cultural Transformation models and tools. The training will provide you with methodologies and expertise in the delivery of values assessments and next steps for your clients. This includes proficiency in understanding values plots, the creation of vision and mission statements, executive and leadership coaching, and processes for values integration.

The aim is to enable you to gain mastery in understanding values plots, creating mission/vision statements, leadership coaching, and core values integration. You will experience a ‘live’ debrief of the Leadership Values Assessment, a foundational process for leadership transformation. Supported by IHE’s most advanced training system and certification pathway, you are empowered to expand your resource and impact as a change leader.


Quotes from Past Participants:

"Niran was terrific. A gifted teacher and very knowledgeable with all the Barrett materials. She is an experienced coach/facilitator and enriched the learning by bringing in so much of her own client.  She has a lovely relaxed style and an easy going approach. I have been using the free PVA tool with clients for the past year and was excited about deepening my knowledge of these powerful tools by becoming a certified CTT Practitioner. The certification program was very thorough and gave me the additional knowledge and skills to add even more value for my advisory and coaching clients." – Mary Garden, Mary Garden & Associates, Canada

"Niran is generous and knowledgeable, and the joy she finds from working with the CTT and her clients is inspiring. Each time I felt myself slipping into the ‘I don’t understand’ abyss, Niran was able to gently nudge and guide me to a different level of knowledge. Given this course was online this shows Niran’s amazing people skills and ability to read people very well to gauge learning even though we are all situated in different countries and places around the world and connecting ‘online’. I am very much looking forward to getting out there with my clients and using the CTT tools. Many thanks to Niran and to the Vaues Centre for the excellent training, and the amazing array of resources I now have to help my clients." -Tanya Southworth, Alchemy Change Hub, Australia

“The opportunities for discussion and engagement were exceptional – the best I have had in a virtual session. Niran really used the virtual tools to their greatest extent to facilitate a collaborative session. I liked her calm and warm approach – really insightful, very strong interpersonal approach and perfect for the Part 2 course. The LDR process left us all on a huge high. I would strongly recommend the course.” - Max Evans, Ernst & Young, UK

“Thank you for this eLearning class. It is a gift for me. Niran is great, she teaches very well. And she really shares lots of information and examples. Her words and sharings are really so important to me for using in my coaching and teaching sessions. I wish I could join another class for different content with her, maybe coaching and something else.” - Ozge Gorur Orbay, IdeaCoaching, Turkey

"Part II really made the values real for me. It was not just the processes. I got more out of this than I thought. Wonderful and enlightening!" - Jennifer Kapp, National Trust, Australia

"I developed a far better understanding of how to use the content, tool, and process to help others. I did not realise how much I want to do this work! It was really brought to life by the quiet energy of Niran." - Nicole Elliott, Westpac, Australia

"Committed, insightful and experienced facilitator. Opportunity to reflect and consider how the tools could integrate into our current consulting processes was the highlight." - Nigel Tanner, BTLi Pty Ltd

“Niran is a great trainer with a wonderful genuineness - very honoring of others, very knowledgeable of the CTT instruments and very willing to go with where the participants want to go.” - Lori Grech, QL Management Consultants

“Although this is an intense process with extensive content, the excellent facilitation ensured excellent outcomes for me.” - Sue Lindsay, Take Action, NZ

“Niran has fantastic positive energy, great attention on participants, great sense of the group, with grounded professional experience and the rich source of case studies.” - Artur Rzepecki, Strefowa, Poland

“The experience and accreditation are invaluable to me, not only in my professional career but also my personal life. It will be an experience I won’t forget. Niran was absolutely wonderful. From initial contact to completion of the course, communication was timely and frequent, my questions were always answered and I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. She was wonderful with reading the group and taking the training where the “flow” went. It is hard not to have a good time!" -Stefanie Carniato, Tenacia, Australia 

"Niran brings immense insight, love, and agility to space. Her examples and case studies really brought it to life for me. Having such a rich role model in Niran is the highlight of the program. She truly lives all that I believe is at the heart of deep transformational work – elegant and sophisticated in her manner and style. Most valuable to have the opportunity to work through the principles of how to breathe life into the tool. Now I need to take action."  -Richard Tyler, BTFI, UK


Additional Descriptions:

Virtual eLearning offers you the flexibility to attend from your home or office, with no need for long distance travel or extensive time away. The online course covers the same materials as our in-person programmes.

This training is conducted over three sessions lasting from 3 to 4 hours in length, during the dates specified above.

You will have fun exploring in an experiential, interactive and action-learning environment for self-discovery and personal development. Your learning will be enriched by the personal stories, real-life examples and case studies from Niran, You will practice through case study and be empowered to act as a transformation facilitator for bringing cultural transformation to life with your clients.

This training is designed to help you deepen your understanding of the CTT Models and Tools through a focus on interpreting values assessment results and learning practical ways to work with the data to support the process of cultural transformation. To be eligible for the CTT Part 2, participants must have successfully completed the CTT Part 1 accreditation and preferably have the first-hand experience in using the Cultural Transformation Tools.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be certified as a CTT Part II consultant with special access to a new range of products and online materials. You will receive either a free Small Group Assessment (for up to 20 people) or a free Leadership Development Report to further integrate your learning from this programme. Niran and IHE may be engaged to guide your next steps, mentor your practice, support you in delivering complex CTT initiatives, and/or designing large-scale transformation journey for your clients.

CTT Practitioner
Dates: Jan 29 to Feb 1
Location: 8A Craig Road #02-01 Singapore 089669
Trainer: Joanna Barclay
Language: English
Price: $US 2,600.00

This course is designed to serve organisations who wish to develop the full potential of their people, to have greater fulfilment in their lives, and to make a contribution to the wider community. 

If you wish to become a change agent in the evolution of human consciousness, this is an essential training for you. It is designed for organizational development consultants, coaches, change agents and human resource professionals who want to become highly skilled and confident in leveraging the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT), from the Barrett Values Centre, for leadership development and organisational transformation.

Perhaps you have attended CTT training before? If so, you may wish to re-attend this new training as a refresher. The new training materials and methodologies are redesigned to be more effective in supporting you as a successful CTT practitioner with your client work.

This is the best CTT certification training to start using CTT in a practical way, either as an internal change agent or as an external consultant. It is designed to give you a deep understanding of the CTT Models and Tools, as well as practical experience on how to apply CTT in your cultural transformation process. The course also provides an opportunity for your own personal transformation experience.

It contains material from both CTT 1 and CTT 2 and provides personal and hands-on experience of how to interpret values assessments results, how to deliver leadership assessments feedback, how to select and present a number of dialogue tools from the Get Connected workbook, and more.

Your trainer Joanna Barclay is a highly effective organisational development practitioner and published author, with over 30 years of diverse experience from around the world. She will guide your learning with a wealth of practitioner knowledge, client case stories, and best practice studies.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be certified to use the powerful suite of values-based diagnostic tools with full access to all CTT products and online consulting materials.


Additional Description

This training is conducted over 4 days lasting 8 hours in length:

  • Day 1 focuses on Personal Consciousness: we introduce the concept of cultural transformation and look into the 7 Levels of Consciousness model and the Individual Values Assessment.
  • Day 2 is devoted to Transforming Organizations, covering the Cultural Values Assessments, Merger & Acquisition Compatibility Assessments, and the use of demographics within organisations.
  • Day 3 focuses on Leadership, through leadership development incorporating Richard Barrett's 7 Levels of Leadership Consciousness, the Leadership Values Assessments tools and a live coaching demonstration. We’ll also cover the design of leadership workshops.
  • Day 4 is devoted to Direction & Action: it covers the creation of vision and mission statements (the direction) and, finally, we cook everything together into a comprehensive and practical blend creating business transformation (the concept of whole systems change).


To Get You Started - Upon completion of the course you will have a choice between one of following complimentary assessments:

  • Small Values Assessment with Individual Values Assessments plots for each person (Value $1800 USD for up to 20 people)  
  • Leadership Development Report (Value $250) to use with a client
  • Individual Values Assessment Report (Value $200 US) to use with a client


Joanna and the Culture Leadership Gropu may be engaged to guide your next steps, mentor your practice, or support you in delivering complex CTT initiatives.

February 2018

CTT Practitioner
Dates: Feb 5 to Feb 8
Location: Cape Town, Constantia (or Johannesburg, depending on participants)
Trainer: Sander Mahieu
Language: English
Price: ZAR (S Africa) 29,500.00

**Price: ZAR29.500 (for individually operating independent local consultants: ZAR24.500)**

Welcome, you’re about to embark on an inspiring journey, where we “do” transformation while teaching you the CTT-tool. This training programme will change the way you design and facilitate change programmes. And the training is set up to include self-reflection, to increase your personal consciousness and to enhance your awareness around your personal drivers and values, unlocking your intuitive inner knowing.

The Barrett Model and his Cultural Transformation Tools are indeed not “just a tool”, as you will experience. So, am hoping that you decide to join in, for businesses, in fact any organization will benefit from increased consciousness and from values-based performance and leadership.


Your guide on this journey: Sander Mahieu

Sander is an experienced, internationally operating CTT-practitioner since 2005 and BVC-partner/trainer since 2007.

For the content of the training, please click here.  

Our goal:

Your mastery in the Barrett Model & Tools,  to enable you to foster cultural transformation in businesses, leadership and individuals and to feel confident to use the model & tools with knowledge and integrity. And…an inspiring personal journey, that contributes to your own development!

The programme consists of four pillars: 

  • mastering plot reading (diagnosis)
  • creating mission-vision-values statements (direction)
  • leadership development (leadership)
  • whole system change/business transformation (implementation)

To support you, we will:

  • deepen your knowledge of the model and tools, 
  • work with our own real life business cases
  • learn by experience and interaction as much as possible
  • relate learnings to who you are a person and where you are in your journey
  • support you when doing youer first assessment(s)
  • create practicing opportunities; if you’d like to work with assessment outcomes of your own organization/clients than please let us know upfront and send the outcomes to us;

Mahieu & Associates is a South Africa based, network of consultants, facilitators and coaches, dedicated to optimize organizational performance through cultural transformation and leadership development. We collaborate with Synnova Netherlands, an internationally operating consultancy of which Sander has been co-founder and co-director from 2002-2014.

This programme combines the 2-day CTT Part 1 (Models & Tools) and 3-day CTT Part 2 (Building a values-driven Organisation) and it provides coaches, consultants and change agents with everything they need to, firstly, become accredited with this powerful suite of values-based diagnostic tools and, secondly, to learn a variety of practical methods and approaches to fully integrate these tools into their client proposition.

Quotes of participants:

  • “The training exceeded my expectations, it was amazing and Sander is an admirable person “-Priscilla Massuia, Brazil
  • “Powerful tools, amazing programme and great atmosphere” Sakhele Skenjana, Johannesburg,
  • “I started a bit skeptical, but this was a wonderful journey” Jenny Sneddon, Cape Town
  • “The whole programme felt as an intensive personal coaching experience, wonderful!” Geoff Cunningham, UK
  • “Best training ever” – Chris McCormick, Norway
  • “I loved the way the trainer engaged us” – Jacinta de Vogel, Singapore
  • “The trainer’s knowledge and experience are amazing”-Juan Prego, Spain
  • “The programme was practical, hands-on ánd transformational, thanks!”- Hidde van der Pol, Netherlands

If you've already attended a CTT Part 1 course, you can opt to attend all 4 days of this programme at no extra costs, as some CTT Part 1 elements and the training itself have changed and/or as recap. Please contact us to discuss further. 

CTT Part 1 – Foundation
Dates: Feb 5 to Feb 26
Location: Virtual
Trainer: Lisa Doig
Language: English
Price: € (excl. VAT) 1,500.00

The CTT Models and Tools training is a two-day workshop for consultants, change agents and human resource managers on how to use the Cultural Transformation Tools. Participants are involved in lecture, discussion and group activities. This is an accreditation course to become a user of the Cultural Transformation Tools. Upon completion of the course, you will receive one free Individual Values Assessment to use with a colleague or client.


Additional Description:

Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT)
Part 1: Foundation

This training is for consultants, change agents and human resource managers on how to use the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools. Participants are involved in lectures, discussion and group activities.

This is an accreditation course to become a certified user of the cultural transformation tools. By the end of this course you will have a deep appreciation of the Barrett Values Centre Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, its heritage and philosophy.

You will understand the process for setting up and running a survey with your clients and you will also be proficient in reading and interpreting the values assessment charts. It is important that we cover these critical elements first in order to give you a foundation for using CTT.

CTT Practitioner
Dates: Feb 6 to Feb 9
Location: Miami, Florida
Trainer: Adolfo Jarrin
Language: Spanish
Price: $US 2,500.00

This 4-day Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) certification programme supports you in building practical skills and confidence to enable you to work with cultural transformation and values-based leadership development with your clients, to support leaders in building values-driven organizations.

The CTT Practitioner programme is built upon collective international expertise of cultural transformation, and delivered by experienced consultants, facilitators, and change agents, through real-life business cases and workshops, and comprehensive support materials.

This programme provides coaches, consultants and change agents with everything you need to, firstly, become accredited to use these powerful suite of values-based diagnostic CTT tools and, secondly, to learn a variety of practical methods and approaches to fully integrate these tools into your client proposition.

The program offers you the opportunity to learn by reading, observing, practicing and reflecting on yourself, your own challenges and through working with others. Additionally, it includes post-training mentoring to help get you started.

If you've already attended a CTT 1 Foundation course, we still advise you attend all 4 days of this programme, as some CTT 1 elements has been improved. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Description:

Este nuevo Programa de Certificación, es ofrecido según el desarrollo de Barrett Values Centre, creadores del modelo de niveles de conciencia personal, organizacional y de liderazgo y líderes mundiales en el campo de cultura y valores e incluye la experiencia del facilitador a nivel internacional en clientes de variados sectores económicos.

Este programa, facilitado por Adolfo Jarrín, profesional de la ingeniería con más de 30 años de experiencia en la gerencia general de grandes empresas industriales al igual que consultor internacional especialista en guiar procesos de transformación cultural multianuales, complementa la oferta de la certificación CTT tradicional con un enfoque emergente y pionero que expande la visión presentada por BVC y por la Teoría U.

Para ello se incorpora en este programa una comprensión abarcadora del humano, los sistemas humanos y los procesos de transformación de estos sistemas, mezclando los enfoques científicos y de la evolución desde la perspectiva de la consciencia en la comprensión de estas iniciativas, al invitar a cuestionar los modelos mentales y paradigmas prevalecientes.

CTT Practitioner
Dates: Feb 6 to Feb 9
Location: Amsterdam
Trainer: Dirk Spangenberg
Language: English
Price: € (excl. VAT) 2,650.00

The 4-day Integrated Cultural Transformation Tools(ICTT) training combines the 2-day CTT part 1(Models & Tools) and the 3-day Part 2(building a Vision-guided, Values-driven Organization)courses providing coaches, consultants and change agents with everything they need to, firstly, become accredited with this powerful suite of values-based diagnostic tools and secondly, to learn a variety of practical methods and approaches that will enable them to fully integrate these tools into their client proposition.

Additional Description:

Dirk Spangenberg brings 20 years of practitioner experience of working as a consultant, trainer and coach in Business(profit and not for profit)with the transformation tools in delivering this 4-day course. He translated Richard's first book; "Liberating the corporate soul" into Dutch. He will integrate his experience and other cases into this course. This way the course participants get to learn about real life examples of cultural tranformation. Additionaly, Dirk will provide you with post training mentoring to help you get started with organising, interpreting and presenting your first Cultural Values Assesments. Minimum 6 participants.

Overview of the program:

Day 1: Working with Values/Leading Self  - 7 levels of consciousness
Day 2: LeadingSelf/Creating Common Ground - your IVA(Individual Values Assessmnet) 

Self awareness, from individual to team​

Day 3: Creating common ground / Transformational Journey

Working with TVA(Team Values Assessmnet) & CVA(Cultural Values Assessment) & LVA(leadership Values Assessment)

Day 4: Putting it all together

Building a values driven organisation

Upon completion of the course, you will receive one free Individual Values Assessment(IVA) to use with a colleague or client. You also will be given a Free Small group Assessment(SGA)to be used with any group of 15 or fewer people or a Leadership Development Report(LDR) a 360. These are great opportunities to introduce CTT to a client or within your own organisation. The Assessment process will also help you solidify your learning from the course through practical application.


Early Bird Pricing -2500 Euro- when you have registered and paid 3 weeks in advance

Reduction for those who already attended CTT 1 and/or CTT 2 

CTT Part 1 – Foundation Virtual
Dates: Feb 7 to Feb 8
Location: Virtual
Trainer: Ellen Miller
Language: English
Price: $USD (excl. tax) 1,600.00

This is an accreditation-based program teaching Richard Barrett’s work on measuring organizational culture and consciousness. The Foundation course focuses on how to understand the basic models and tools.  You will gain real-time practice in using the Cultural Transformation Tools. This course is conducted over two sessions lasting four hours each. This allows for time to practice, process and integrate the information.

Program Benefits:

  • Accreditation in the Foundations 1 Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT Accreditation)
  • Detailed understanding of the Seven Levels of Personal, Organizational and Leadership Consciousness and the Business Needs Scorecard Diagnostic
  • Affiliation with Barrett Values Centre LLC and the Global CTT Members Network
  • A complimentary Personal Individual Values Assessment to practice with one of your clients or prospects
  • Support and access to a depth of exclusive information that is available in MyCTT
  • The price of the training includes an e-copy of training workbook and PowerPoint Slides


CTT Practitioner Virtual
Dates: Feb 7 to Feb 15
Location: Virtual
Trainer: Ellen Miller
Language: English
Price: $USD (excl. tax) 3,300.00

TEAM Performance has been making a difference since 1987. Ellen Miller, President of TEAM, has been leading Cultural Transformation Certifications since 2004. The CTT Practitioners Training brings the best of both worlds together by combining and improving upon the Part 1 and Part 2. The Practitioners Training goes beyond an accreditation program; it can be life changing and will encourage you to see the world in a new way. TEAM Performance has worked with companies of all sizes including Mozilla, Symantec, 3M, Whole Foods Market, governmental agencies and non-profits to produce positive organizational change. Ellen believes that organizations function better when leaders are focused on building values-driven cultures that benefit both people and society.

The CTT Practitioner course, based on the two books The Values-Driven Organisation and Get Connected, is the perfect training to learn how to use CTT in a practical way. The CTT Practitioner course provides in-depth understanding to consultants, coaches, and internal change leaders. Using both personal and hands-on experiences, participants learn how to interpret assessment results, deliver leadership assessment feedback, and use the Get Connected workbook to enhance communication and dialogue. Following completion of the course, CTT practitioners will have access to all CTT products as well as a one on one coaching session with Ellen.

This fast-paced virtual learning opportunity is conducted over five sessions that are each 4 hours in length. Our goal is to help you gain confidence and competence and move from knowledge to action.​


Program Options:

TEAM Performance is here to partner with you based on your needs and to help you build a better team. For more information, please visit the TEAM Performance website.