The Inspired Leader™ Program

Transformed people transform people.  - Richard Rohr


Finding creative solutions to complex business challenges and fulfilling our own professional and personal priorities is the biggest challenge most leaders face today.

The Inspired Leader™ is a powerful two-day workshop that supports both the personal and collective transformation necessary for Conscious Leadership. 

Conscious Leadership requires a high level of personal mastery – to be “in the dance” and “on the balcony” at the same time. How can we perform in challenging environments and resolve conflict (in the dance) and, at the same time, be aware of (on the balcony) the patterns and interdependencies of our system?

It requires us to become more conscious. With greater self-awareness and the ability to transform our mind-sets and behaviours, we can lead with greater focus, empathy and purpose. Through Conscious Leadership, we engage and inspire ourselves and others to achieve great things.

The Inspired Leader™ offers a full exploration of your core values and purpose.  During the workshop, you will:

  • Foster your own authentic and courageous leadership by leading from your unique sense of purpose.
  • Experience the possibilities of purposeful shared vision and mission.


How you will benefit

Personally, the workshop enables a shift in your consciousness, a greater understanding of self, and an opening to your unique purpose that wishes to emerge.

As a CTT consultant, this deeper experience of the power of values will leverage the impact of your work with clients.

For those considering the Facilitation Transformation Through Values (FTV) program, you will be able to make an informed choice about whether becoming an accredited FTV practitioner will enhance your client service offering, to deliver the cutting edge leadership team transformation services.


Event Details

Webcasts and taster sessions are also planned where you can meet the facilitators and ask questions to learn more about the program.  

Please click here for dates and costs of The Power of Values taster sessions (online or in-person) and The Inspired Leader™ workshop.


About the facilitators

Lisa Doig

Founder, Corporate Evolution & Creator of FTV

Lisa is a pioneer in the field of values, linking personal transformation, organisational transformation and levels of consciousness. In her work, she has integrated the wisdom from leading thinkers in leadership and whole systems change along with personal transformation Masters in consciousness and spiritual intelligence. Lisa's unique gift is in creating new innovations that are both accessible to business leaders and profoundly transformational.

For the last 13 years, Lisa has been designing and implementing leadership and culture change programs globally, both as Director of Corporate Evolution and as part of McKinsey & Company's global network of transformational facilitators. Clients are primarily multinationals and top-tier companies in banking/finance, oil and gas, mining, insurance, professional services, chemicals, telecom, FMCG and others. She has worked throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and South Africa. Her niche is working with top teams, linking vision and values with strategy for whole systems change. 

Some of the key modalities Lisa integrates are Barrett Corporate Transformation Tools, Organisational Constellations , Gita Bellin & Associates Soul Work, The Leadership Circle, Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry and Wilbur Integral Model.

Previous to the leadership work, Lisa spent 20 years' in the oil and gas and environmental industries developing new divisions for overseas companies, from market research through to strategy and multi-million dollars sales and operations.  


Jay Blithe

Jay is the BVC Network Development Leader. She serves the CTT Community by bringing a wealth of experience (from leadership transformation consulting to corporate culture development programme management) and by being in flow with her purpose of enabling conscious evolution. Jay shares stories, knowledge and wisdom, with intuitive sensitivity to support our collective evolution through the power of values.

Jay was part of the Facilitating Transformation through Values pilot programme and contributed bringing this endorsed training to the CTT Community. In going through this training herself, she has experienced a profound shift in consciousness and is delighted to share this powerful experience of values-based leadership transformation with the CTT Community. Jay believes this programme will empower work with clients towards a consciously values-driven society.


Georgia Parker

Georgia is a CTT consultant and a highly experienced trainer and facilitator with her own long-standing business. She was invited by BVC to join the pilot FTV program. As a result of her transformation on the course, the clarity of her purpose emerged to take this work out as widely as possible, enabling others to transform and step fully into the power and purpose of their being. 

Georgia’s core values are compassion, presence and joy. What she loves to do is work in the moment with a group, meeting each person where they are at, supporting their growth and evolution with heart-felt energy and commitment.

Through working together during the FTV pilot, Jay and Georgia have developed a joint mission to take a range of experiences out to the CTT community, to share the benefits of Leading through Values and Purpose.