The power of culture in the public sector

Much of the attention to organizational culture focuses on the private sector, but the enormous advantages of a thriving culture are just as attainable to you in the public sector.

We are not talking about stocked lunchrooms, unlimited vacation plans, or other artificial incentive programs that are falsely touted as how you build employee engagement and satisfaction.

An authentic, resilient culture is based on a deeply-felt vision and shared values across the entire organization, the kind of we’re-all-in-this-together energy that frees your team’s enthusiasm, commitment, and performance.

Cultural Transformation

We pioneered and perfected the tools for assessing and interpreting organizational values, and for using that data to forge a targeted, measurable path towards optimal culture. BVC Analytics are fully customizable to your specific mission and goals.

Certifying an in-house culture lead, or using the guidance of a BVC Certified Consultant, here’s what you can expect from the process:

You will get a clear picture of what your employees truly care about, enabling you to keep your employees passionately engaged and performing at their best.

The assessment flags the gaps between your current and optimal culture, highlighting any dysfunction in your organization with our Cultural Entropy® score.

The data is the basis for defining measurable goals and an actionable roadmap to a higher-performance culture.

Leadership Development

BVC Leadership Development magnifies the effectiveness of leaders by helping them recognize their true cultural impact and embrace an authentic leadership style.

We work with individual leaders and leadership teams to help them cultivate the skills to:

Work more effectively with their colleagues

Better utilize the “soft skills” necessary to create a truly fulfilling and productive workplace

Engage with integrity and authenticity – especially relevant in a values-driven workplace

Find greater satisfaction, meaning, and connection in their work

We begin by connecting you with a carefully chosen BVC Certified Consultant. They will create a program built around your needs and goals, and serve as your trusted guide throughout the process.

Building In-House Expertise

Many government agencies have found cultivating in-house “culture officers” to be an invaluable strategy. We offer extensive training resources to help you enhance your organization’s internal cultural expertise.


Government is service. While your team’s passion for service may waver in the face of the challenges of bureaucracy, it can be restored and cultivated. Culture work fuels the spark that brought your people to the public sector in the first place, renews their sense of possibility, and empowers them to contribute and perform at their best.

Our approach helps you understand the genuine values and motivations of your team, reflects the real employee experience, and are 100% relevant to your agency’s specific circumstances and purpose.

Agencies that undertake this work report big increases in effectiveness, and – just as importantly – they become mission-driven and deeply satisfying workplaces, often seen as models for other agencies, through this results in effective leadership and employees feeling deeply supported and engaged, freeing them to perform at their best.