The increasing severity of pandemics, climate change, pollution, poverty, hunger, war, and inequality is pointing to the dire need for global transformation.  And yet we know making changes to address these at scale is difficult for individuals, organizations, and society even in the best of times.

The COVID-19 crisis is providing us an opportunity to pause and ask ourselves:  

  • What is most important in our own lives?
  • What does the world need now?
  • How do we support quality of life for all people and restore balance with nature?
  • What are the emerging priorities of governments, businesses, employees, and citizens?
  • What is the purpose of business?
  • How can organizations help address the challenges we are facing worldwide?

In April 2020, Barrett Values Centre launched a survey to explore these important questions better understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on organisational culture and what is needed going forward. 

The survey officially closed on May 5th with more than 2,500 participants from around the world sharing their experiences. Results will be analysed and made freely available to all politicians, governments, corporate leaders, and citizens in order to foster new dialogue about the values being called for to underpin how we recover, thrive, and create a more sustainable world.

If you would like first access to the results, please register for our webinar on May 20th. The webinar will be hosted on Zoom with overflow viewing available via YouTube livestream. All registrants will also receive a link to the recording of the webinar in case they are not able to attend the live session.