This book is about the practice of evolutionary coaching—what coaches and other caring professionals need to know in order to support the healthy psychological growth and development of the adults they are working with, particularly how their clients relate to their “work.” This book is also about human emergence, sometimes referred to as self-realization.

Part I explores the theory of human emergence, providing a detailed description of the seven stages of psychological development, the evolution of cultural world views, the evolving structure and operation of the human mind/brain and the six evolutionary stages in human decision-making.

Part II describes the exercises required to facilitate evolutionary coaching: determining your clients’ primary and secondary motivations and determining the degree to which the cultures your clients are embedded in, support or hinder their human emergence.

Part III describes the skills and techniques used in evolutionary coaching: how to help your clients master their fears; how to support them in living a values- and purpose-driven life; how to guide them in making a difference in their world; and how to help them fulfill their potential by leading a life of selfless service for the good of humanity and the planet.