Strengthen your culture for success

As an enterprise organization, you face special circumstances when creating a cohesive, high-performing culture. There are simply too many locations, departments, and functions to manage without a comprehensive understanding of all the cultural dynamics across your organization.

This is where our approach really shines. Using our values-focused methodology, we’ve helped thousands of large organizations to assess, unpack, and then develop their organizational culture as a key driver for success.

Leadership development is an essential part of many culture initiatives. We have decades of experience helping leaders and leadership teams maximize their impact as culture drivers, profoundly enhancing their ability to contribute to their organization’s success.

Cultural Transformation

We pioneered and perfected the tools for assessing organizational values, and for using that data to forge a targeted, measurable path towards optimal culture. BVC Analytics are scalable, fully customizable to your specific goals and structure, and available in over 70 languages.

Working with your in-house culture team, or with the guidance of a BVC Certified Consultant, here’s what you can expect from the process:

You will get a clear picture of what your employees truly care about, enabling you to keep your employees passionately engaged and performing at their best.

The assessment flags the gaps between your current and optimal culture, highlighting any dysfunction in your organization with our Cultural Entropy® score.

The data is the basis for defining measurable goals and an actionable roadmap to a higher-performance culture.

Leadership Development

Leaders play a crucial role in cultivating culture. In enterprise organizations, conscious mastery of that role is essential to building a truly thriving, successful enterprise.

BVC Leadership Development magnifies the effectiveness of large-entity leaders by helping them recognize their true cultural impact.

We work with individual leaders, teams, or leadership across entire organizations to help them:

Work more effectively with their fellow leaders

Better utilize the “soft skills” necessary to create a truly fulfilling and productive workplace

To engage with authenticity and find greater satisfaction, meaning, and connection in their work

Cultivate an optimal, enterprise-wide culture

We begin by connecting you with a carefully chosen BVC Certified Consultant. They will create a program built around your needs and goals, and serve as your trusted guide throughout the process.

Building In-House Expertise

Many of the world’s most successful companies have found cultivating in-house “culture officers” to be an invaluable strategy. We offer extensive training resources to help you enhance your organization’s cultural expertise, appropriate for everyone from HR to Organizational Development specialists to entire people-focused teams.

Respond to the Future of Work

How we work is changing.  Call it the Fourth Industrial Revolution or digital transformation – but either way, AI, robotics, and automation all have a significant impact on your enterprise. While you can’t control the changes impacting your organization, you can choose how to respond.

In an enterprise moving at top speed, how do you successfully navigate the tensions between technology and humanity? Building an authentic, responsive culture is key – and a values-driven process will get you there.

Rather than a pre-defined “ideal” culture, values-driven culture development allows you to participate in a rich, authentic process that connects your employees and taps into their passion, purpose, and productivity.

From there, it’s a simple formula: Employee engagement goes up, and with it a sense of belonging and commitment. Attrition falls and attracting talent gets easier, creating a virtuous cycle that positively impacts every metric, from customer satisfaction to innovation to profitability.