Dynamics of Change is based on many years of working with various types of change processes in a range of industries and organizations.

It is primarily intended for managers and their teams who are responsible for leading and implementing organizational changes and who want to balance and improve their ability to lead from a more human point of view.


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1 ) Change vs. Transformation

“We welcome or resist change depending on the types of change. Change comes from the outside – Transformation takes place inside of us.”

2 ) Leadership Challenges

“Management and leadership require different skills.”

3 ) Learning

“Create a dialogue built on trust. Learn to learn from what you and your employees go through.”

4 ) Planning

“Need to allocate more time and availability. ‘Why’ is a crucial question to answer. A clearly understood and shared picture of the present situation and vision is the key. Employees need to feel included in the information flow.”

5 ) Communication

“Times of change call for more communication. Employees will want to be involved.”

6 ) Human Reactions

“People react differently to different types of losses. Our reaction pattern is quite predictable.”

7 ) Stress

“Change and stress often go hand-in-hand. Hormones and adrenaline are mobilized regardless if the situation is real or imagined. Stress could come from own demands or external factors. Wears down physical and mental wellbeing – need time to recover.”

8 ) Firm Leadership

“Provide clarity and stability. Emotions are important. Participation, mental support, and arenas for dialogue are important. Deal with and talk about your own emotions. Show respect by listening and being human.”

9 ) Building a Foundation for Change

“Need to enhance flexibility and learning. Allow time to switch from ‘do’ to ‘be’. Help your employees to internalize your vision and mission. Values-based leadership is the foundation.”


This checklist provides a simple overview of how to use the books Get Connected and Dynamics of Change to grow a shared culture, lead people through change, or both.

The Digital checklist is for on-screen reading and presentations.

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