As a frontrunner in cultural transformation for more than 20 years, we are honoured to have helped thousands of organisations and leaders around the globe achieve new levels of success.

We look forward to bringing the same expertise and commitment to collaborating with you.

Your Committed Partner

Our worldwide presence, infrastructure, and collaborative consulting approach are optimally designed to enable the exceptional results organisations experience when their culture is both meaningful to employees and integrated throughout the leadership.

You can expect:

  • Flexible and scalable responses to meet culture development needs
  • Whole solutions: assessment tools, training, and consulting
  • BVC expertise and select global BVC Certified Consultants

Our Promise

By partnering with us, you gain BVC expertise to guide you through your cultural journey and we match you with the best BVC Certified Consultant to help meet your needs along the way.

We ensure your organisation is supported by the right talent in the right place at the right time. Each BVC Certified Consultant has thorough training in the Barrett Model, and extensive experience in tackling organisational and leadership challenges.

Together, we have assisted thousands of organisations with a wide range of issues including:

Organisational Change

Culture development

Building engagement


Diversity and inclusion

Leadership Development

Leadership coaching

Succession planning

Leadership team alignment

Business Process

Brand management

Strategic planning

Risk management

Ethics and compliance

Unlike other consulting organisations offering similar solutions, we promise to partner with you throughout your cultural journey.

Consistent and persistent work with our wanted culture is one of our critical success factors.
-Magnus Carlander, CEO Volvo IT

Our Process

We will work closely with you to clarify goals and design a targeted, measurable programme. Your culture journey may begin with a focus on leadership development, or on the organisation as a whole, depending on the most effective approach to achieving results.

Your organisation’s programme will be designed to reflect your unique needs. In general, these are the steps you can expect:

Cultural Transformation

Leadership Development


Using BVC’s Cultural Transformation Tools®, we will diagnose and uncover insights into your employees’ values (their authentic motivations), where your culture is now, and how to move forward.

A thorough 360 degree assessment, in which you and a group of your chosen colleagues confidentially evaluate your strengths, areas for growth, and your leadership values.


We will facilitate targeted dialogue sessions with staff to create deeper understanding of your organisation’s culture and then recommend a plan to achieve measurable objectives.

You and your BVC Consultant review your results and choose measurable steps for you to live your values and lead your organisational culture with authenticity.


As you progress along your journey, we will work with you adaptively, relying on our proven approach.  Together, we continually assess what solutions are needed to ensure you are reaching your goals, such as training, coaching, consulting and/or iterative measurement.

Collaboratively, we will then evaluate your progress and plan your next steps.


Maintaining a healthy culture ensures your team will effectively navigate the ever-changing opportunities and challenges they face, as well as keep their engagement and performance at its peak.

Culture and leadership development are best thought of as an ongoing journey for your organisation.

As you achieve your goals, new opportunities for growth emerge, and you’ll find the attention you spend on culture keeps delivering great returns, especially as your internal capacity for managing your culture grows.


Just as you have people responsible for HR, finance, and communication, many organisations have found cultivating in-house culture capability to be an invaluable strategy. We offer extensive training resources to help you enhance your organisation’s cultural expertise.

In addition, we draw on our decades of experience to offer:

  • Webinars, forums, and mastermind groups to learn from experienced peers and practitioners
  • Access to client stories, white papers, and publications
  • Comprehensive training and education options
  • One-on-one support whenever you need it

Approaching your challenges together, we form a strategic alliance to discover and apply leading-edge best practice to enable your organisation to thrive.