Case Study: I.K. Hofmann GmbH

Temporary Employment Firm Significantly Increases Revenue with the Support of Culture

February 2012

Our values are fundamental for all our processes, attitudes and decisions. A precious guideline for every situation!”
M. Bayerlein, Responsible Manager for the Hofmann Values Process


Hofmann is a temporary employment agency. They employ blue collar workers, business people and engineers and place them in other companies. Mrs. Hofmann, CEO, recognised the importance of culture and decided to implement a values-based management program. She hired Andreas Welther in 2008 to measure the values of the Management Team in February. They subsequently measured all of the internal employees one month later.


  • They gathered together the top managers to discuss the results. They held several workshops to solicit feedback and create strategies.
  • The results helped to clarify the organisational and restructuring changes that were needed.
  • The results indicated a desire for more open communication, teamwork, and cooperation. In response, they created a management group made up of regional managers and the top managers from Hofman’s
  • They created a training focused on how to use the values and printed them on plastic cards.
  • They gathered region-by-region and asked employees to share about their day-to-day experiences. Employees were asked to prepare their thoughts on how values could help current problems experienced within the organisation. They picked the best solutions based on the values within the groups of 10-30 people.
  • They encouraged values-based conversations between employees and managers.
  • Andreas worked with the management teams in every region to create action plans based in values with due dates. These action plans were based on conversations about their region’s assessment results with people throughout the business, from the staff on the floor through
  • They conducted another assessment in 2011.


Hofmann has dramatically increased their income and they recognise that culture plays a significant role in this success.

  • In 2010, the average growth in this industrial sector was 25%. Hofmann grew by 90%.
  • Hofmann rose in ranking from position 11 to 6 among all temporary employment firms (Luenendonk-Report 2011).
  • Sales are expected to reach € 500 million, up from € 310 million, in 2011.
  • Entropy dropped significantly.
  • The company won major business awards like the quality award, Ludwig-Erhard-Preis (most valuable German decoration).
  • Hofmann was among the Top-100-corporations with Great Places To Work.


I am:

  • achievement-oriented
  • reliable
  • trustful
  • long-term focused
  • respectful
  • fair
  • innovative

I am dedicated to:

  • appreciation
  • mutual understanding
  • the well-being & success of our clients and employees
  • highest quality