Richard's Videos

Here are some videos of Richard speaking at various gatherings around the world.


An Episode of "A Deeper Journey" Hosted by Sher Safran


Leadership, Commitment and the Seven Stages of Psychological Development


How to create VALUEable organisations


The Conscious Business Blueprint Interview with Richard Barrett and Kirsten Leigmann


Purposeful Enterprise Summit - Richard Barrett (If asking for a password: purposesummit1 )


Spirituality and Creativity in Management, ESADE, Barcelona, April 2015


Sustainable Brands Conference, Brazil, May 2014


Conscious Capitalism Conference, USA 2012 


The New Leadership Paradigm

Click here to access The New Leadership Paradigm website. 


Building Capacity for Sustainable Transformation Conference, Italy 2012





Barrett Values Centre International Conference, South Africa 2012



Richard speaking at SALAR, Sweden 2012

Part 1:  Stages of Human Development

Part 2: The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Part 3: Building a Fully Functioning Democracy