2016 CTT Conference Preliminary Agenda Now Available

We are very excited to announce that the preliminary agenda for our 2016 CTT International Conference this September 28-30 in Toronto, Canada is now available!   

The conference is designed to be a welcoming and collaborative space for leaders and practitioners to share powerful stories, foster new ideas, and participate in generative dialogue.

Each day of the conference will have a unique focus with each building upon the day before it.

Day One: We will connect with the global picture, in terms of the humanities journey, global shifts, and challenges for leaders today. 
Day Two: We will get into the practical application of leading values-driven transformation; for self, for teams, for organisations, and for communities. 
Day Three: We will share inspirational stories, insights and impacts of this work in the world.

Speakers include: Cindy Wigglesworth, Hubert St. Onge, John Mackey, Dr. Lance Secretan, Martin Rutte, Maryann Coconut and Annalise Jennings, Richard Barrett, among many others.

Please click here to register and see the agenda for our upcoming conference. 
(Note: This is a preliminary agenda and is subject to change.)