What are Values?

Values are the energetic drivers of our aspirations and intentions.  

Our values reflect what is important to us. They are a shorthand way of describing our individual and collective motivations. Together with beliefs, they are the causal factors that drive our decision-making.

Who you are, what you hold dear, what upsets you and what underlies your decisions are all connected to your values. 

The values that are important to you at any moment in time are a reflection of your current needs and your unmet needs from the past.  Some of our values change priority as we move through the different stages of psychological development; other values stay the same. Values can be positive or potentially limiting (fear-based).  

Positive Values

Positive values, often referred to as virtues, enable us to live authentically, foster connectivity, and contribute to the common good.

When we let our positive values drive our decision-making, we build connection, enable bonding and create loyalty and trust. We feel at ease with ourselves and others, and we feel comfortable in our physical and social environment. Positive values promote personal growth and create internal cohesion.

Potentially Limiting Values

Potentially limiting values arise from the fears and anxieties we have about not being able to meet our needs. 


When we let our potentially limiting values drive our decision-making, we create separation, doubt and mistrust. We feel uneasy and quickly become stressed.  Potentially limiting values prevent personal growth and promote isolation.

Personal Mastery

Personal mastery involves letting go of your limiting values and beliefs, and replacing them with positive values and beliefs. In order to let go of your potentially limiting values, you must learn how to manage, master or eliminate your fear-based beliefs. When the beliefs of your ego are out of alignment with the values of the soul, you lack authenticity. When the beliefs of your ego are in alignment with the values of your soul, you will experience internal alignment and a deep sense of joy and contentment. 

Personal Values Assessment


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