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April 2019

CTT Part 1 – Foundation
Dates: Apr 9 to Apr 10
Location: São Paulo
Trainer: Caio Brisolla
Language: Portuguese
Price: R$ 4,000.00

The CTT Models and Tools training is a two-day workshop for consultants, change agents and human resource managers on how to use the Cultural Transformation Tools. Participants are involved in lecture, discussion and group activities. This is an accreditation course to become a user of the Cultural Transformation Tools. Upon completion of the course, you will receive one free Individual Values Assessment to use with a colleague or client.

Additional Description:

Se você é coach, consultor em cultura/change management, instrutor de cursos de liderança ou profissional de RH, não deixe de obter esta certificação! O curso será ministrado pelo instrutor que já formou quase 300 profissionais no Brasil e tem grande experiência na condução de projetos nas áreas de cultura, assessment e desenvolvimento de liderança.

Ao final do curso, você estará apto para utilizar instrumentos de diagnóstico e gestão da cultura com grande nível de aceitação pelos executivos. Também poderá utilizar a metodologia e instrumentos inovadores em processos de seleção, assessment e desenvolvimento/coaching de executivos. Além disso, você vai degustar Individual Values Assessment (IVA) e conhecer melhor seu perfil de valores e os impactos para sua vida pessoal e profissional.

Para mais detalhes, acesse ou se preferir, entre em contato comigo:

Caio Brisolla

Global Partner e Trainer Credenciado pelo BVC – Barrett Values Centre

(11) 99215-4577 / Skype: caio. jr2


CTT Practitioner Virtual
Dates: Apr 10 to Apr 18
Location: Virtual
Trainer: Ellen Miller
Language: English
Price: $US 3,400.00

TEAM Performance has been making a difference since 1987. Ellen Miller, President of TEAM, has been leading Cultural Transformation Certifications since 2004. The CTT Practitioners Training brings the best of both worlds together by combining and improving upon the Part 1 and Part 2. The Practitioners Training goes beyond an accreditation program; it can be life changing and will encourage you to see the world in a new way. TEAM Performance has worked with companies of all sizes including Mozilla, Symantec, 3M, Whole Foods Market, governmental agencies and non-profits to produce positive organizational change. Ellen believes that organizations function better when leaders are focused on building values-driven cultures that benefit both people and society.

The CTT Practitioner course, based on the two books The Values-Driven Organisation and Get Connected, is the perfect training to learn how to use CTT in a practical way. The CTT Practitioner course provides in-depth understanding to consultants, coaches, and internal change leaders. Using both personal and hands-on experiences, participants learn how to interpret assessment results, deliver leadership assessment feedback, and use the Get Connected workbook to enhance communication and dialogue. Following completion of the course, CTT practitioners will have access to all CTT products as well as a one on one coaching session with Ellen.

This fast-paced virtual learning opportunity is conducted over five sessions that are each 4 hours in length. Our goal is to help you gain confidence and competence and move from knowledge to action.​


Program Options:

TEAM Performance is here to partner with you based on your needs and to help you build a better team. For more information, please visit the TEAM Performance website.


CTT Part 1 – Foundation Virtual
Dates: Apr 10 to Apr 11
Location: Virtual
Trainer: Ellen Miller
Language: English
Price: $US 1,400.00

This is an accreditation-based program teaching Richard Barrett’s work on measuring organizational culture and consciousness. The Foundation course focuses on how to understand the basic models and tools.  You will gain real-time practice in using the Cultural Transformation Tools. This course is conducted over two sessions lasting four hours each. This allows for time to practice, process and integrate the information.

Program Benefits:

  • Accreditation in the Foundations 1 Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT Accreditation)
  • Detailed understanding of the Seven Levels of Personal, Organizational and Leadership Consciousness and the Business Needs Scorecard Diagnostic
  • Affiliation with Barrett Values Centre LLC and the Global CTT Members Network
  • A complimentary Personal Individual Values Assessment to practice with one of your clients or prospects
  • Support and access to a depth of exclusive information that is available in MyCTT
  • The price of the training includes an e-copy of training workbook and PowerPoint Slides


CTT Part 2 – Building a Values-Driven Organisation Virtual
Dates: Apr 15 to Apr 18
Location: Virtual
Trainer: Ellen Miller
Language: English
Price: $US 1,800.00

During this program, you will learn how to implement cultural transformation utilizing the Cultural Transformation Models and Tools. Ellen Miller with Team Performance, a US-based consulting firm since 1987, leads this live course through an online platform. She will be sharing her knowledge as a leadership and employee engagement advisor. This workshop supports you in gaining mastery in understanding values plots, creating mission/vision statements, leadership coaching, and core values integration. You will also experience a ‘live’ debrief of the Leadership Values Assessment, a foundational process in a leader’s own journey of transformation. In addition, you will practice through case study analysis and leave the program with next steps for bringing cultural transformation to life and building positive values-driven organizations.

This Virtual is conducted over three sessions lasting up to 4 hours in length. It is ideal for anyone who wants to experience it from your home or office. It reduces the impact on the environment. This on-line course covers all the same material as the classroom course. Please register at least one week before the course begins.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive either a free Small Group Assessment (for up to 20 people) or a free Leadership Development Report to further integrate your learning from the course. Ellen will provide a one-hour coaching session to support you in next steps.

For more information please contact

CTT Practitioner Virtual
Dates: Apr 23 to Apr 26
Location: Virtual Training
Trainer: Gabriela Infer Arrom
Language: Spanish
Price: € (excl. VAT)

Certificación Internacional CTT Practitioner. Una experiencia intensiva de Transformación Cultural.

Las CTT son las herramientas creadas por Barrett Values Centre utilizadas para obtener el Diagnóstico de Cultura más completo y comprensible disponible en la actualidad.

Las CTT “hacen tangible lo intangible”, empleando un lenguaje común para todos los integrantes de una organización.

El CTT Practitioner ha sido diseñado como una experiencia de aprendizaje experiencial que:

  • Aporta un esquema conceptual y operativo para crear equipos y organizaciones que “marcan la diferencia”.
  • Se desarrolla mediante prácticas intensivas de interpretación y devolución de Diagnósticos CTT de Líderes, Equipos y Organizaciones.
  • Desarrolla competencias para implementar Procesos de Transformación Cultural y Programas para el Desarrollo de Liderazgo, impulsados por valores.

El formato virtual es la adaptación completa del formato presencial, que incluye ejercicios, dinámicas y teoría del Modelo CTT. No es e-learning. Los facilitadores del programa acompañan y mentorizan a los participantes a lo largo de toda la actividad.

El CTT Practitioner está dirigido a:

  • Responsables de Gestión del Talento, de Proyectos de Cultura, de Transformación Digital y de Innovación que buscan metodologías para alinear la Cultura de Equipos y los Valores de Líderes con la estrategia de su organización.
  • Consultores, Coaches, Facilitadores que desean conocer e interiorizar aplicaciones del Modelo y Herramientas CTT para integrarlos a su práctica profesional.
  • Consultores Certificados en CTT Practitioner que deseen actualizar sus competencias, participando en el formato “Refreshment”.

Antes de la Certificación

Los participantes completan su propio Estudio de caso que incluye su Diagnóstico Individual de Valores (IVA) y su propio Diagnóstico de Liderazgo (LDR, con hasta 20 colaboradores). 

Durante la Certificación

El programa CTT Practitioner de Transform Action genera un espacio que propicia el autodescubrimiento y la toma de conciencia mediante el análisis de los casos reales de los participantes y de los casos prácticos que aportan los facilitadores.

Los facilitadores de Transform Action inspiran y empoderan a los participantes para que puedan la metodología CTT con sus clientes internos y externos.

Durante el programa, los participantes exploran en profundidad las aplicaciones del Modelo y las Herramientas que permiten dar respuesta a los siguientes retos:

  • ¿Cómo transformar la devolución de un Diagnóstico CTT en un compromiso para impulsar la Transformación Cultural?
  • ¿Cómo aprovechar el talento de los Equipos para implementar los cambios culturales requeridos para mejorar los resultados?
  • ¿Cómo lograr la adhesión y el compromiso de los líderes con los objetivos de Transformación Cultural?

Como resultado de este proceso, los participantes potencian recursos internos para facilitar la transformación de Líderes, Equipos y Organizaciones, desde los valores. 

Después de la Certificación

Los participantes tienen el derecho de aplicar un un Diagnóstico Equipo (valorado en 1000 USD) o un Diagnóstico de Liderazgo (valorado en 250 USD) en forma gratuita.

Esto te permitirá obtener un retorno inmediato de la inversión que has hecho en tu programa de Certificación CTT. 

Otro valor añadido del programa “CTT Practitioner” que ofrece Transform Action es la experiencia de nuestros Facilitadores aplicando el Modelo y Herramientas CTT en Procesos de Transformación Cultural que integran los Cambios Culturales con la Mejora de Indicadores de Desempeño, Rendimiento y Engagement en organizaciones de Europa y de Latinoamérica.


Héctor Infer es CTT Global Trainer desde 2002. Founder y Managing Partner de TransformAction, Partner de Barrett Values Centre. Coautor del Manual “Get Connected” y de “World Book of Values”.  

Gabriela Infer, CTT Global Trainer desde 2012. Managing Partner de TransformAction, desde donde lidera la implementación de Programas y Proyectos “in-company” de Transformación Cultural, en Europa y Latinoamérica. Coautora de “World Book of Values”.

Los participantes del CTT Practitioner obtienen una acreditación internacional como Consultores Certificados CTT, su afiliación al CTT Network.

Transform Action ofrece el CTT Practitioner en los formatos presencial, virtual e “In-Company”. Las ediciones presenciales se realizan en América Latina y Europa.

Consulta el programa completo para ver todos los beneficios de la Certificación CTT de Transform Action

Te invitamos a ver testimonios de participantes de la Certificación en Transform Action Channel

Para más información e inscripciones:

Additional Description:

Para la certificación virtual los valores de la Certificación CTT varían según el país del participante.
Europa 2300 euros + iva   // América 2500 USD (sin iva en países con tratado de doble imposición con España).

Consúltanos por descuentos.

CTT Practitioner
Dates: Apr 24 to Apr 26
Location: Oslo
Trainer: Ingunn Vagstein
Language: Norwegian
Price: NOK 25,500.00

This 4-day Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) certification programme supports you in building practical skills and confidence to enable you to work with cultural transformation and values-based leadership development with your clients, to support leaders in building values-driven organizations.

The CTT Practitioner programme is built upon collective international expertise of cultural transformation, and delivered by experienced consultants, facilitators, and change agents, through real-life business cases and workshops, and comprehensive support materials.

This programme provides coaches, consultants and change agents with everything you need to, firstly, become accredited to use these powerful suite of values-based diagnostic CTT tools and, secondly, to learn a variety of practical methods and approaches to fully integrate these tools into your client proposition.

The program offers you the opportunity to learn by reading, observing, practicing and reflecting on yourself, your own challenges and through working with others. Additionally, it includes post-training mentoring to help get you started.

If you've already attended a CTT 1 Foundation course, we still advise you attend all 4 days of this programme, as some CTT 1 elements has been improved. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Description:



TID: 4 dager 9.00-17.00

TRAINER: Ingunn Vagstein og Inger Beate Botheim

SPRÅK: Norsk, med en del engelsk materiale


Målsettingen med kurset er å heve deltakernes kompetanse på verdibasert utviklingsmetode, øke bevisstheten rundt egen verdier, samt gjøre deltakerne trygge på å lede verdibasert organisasjons- og lederutvikling. Gjennom kurset får du alt du trenger for å komme i gang med å bruke Barretts verdikartleggingsverktøy (CTT).

Dette firedagers kurset er bygd på bred internasjonal ekspertise fra organisasjonsutviklere, forretningsrådgiver, endringsagenter og coacher. Kurset benytter en rekke ulike metoder for å skape best mulig læring; korte foredrag, dialog, øving i par og mindre grupper og ulike former for visualisering av metodikken. Vi knytter oppgaveløsning tett opp mot eksempler fra virkeligheten, og deltakerne kan ta med seg egne eksempler og erfaringer inn i kurset. En viktig verdi ved kurset er erfaringsdeling og læring gjennom dialog med andre deltakere.  

Kurset er lagd for de som ønsker å bli sertifiserte brukere av CTT, enten som leder eller rådgiver. Ved å gjennomføre kurset vil du få tilgang til alle CTT-verktøyene til Barretts og kan gjennomføre dine egne verdikartlegginger for individer og grupper.  

I tillegg vil kurset vil styrke deg som coach, rådgiver, endringsagent og leder ved å gi deg løsningsforslag og metodikk for å lede kulturendringer internt i egen organisasjon eller hos kunder. Kurset passer best for deg som har noe erfaring fra ledelse, rådgivning og/eller coaching.

Etter kurset vil vi støtte deg slik at du kan sette opp, forstå og presentere resultatene fra din første verdikartlegging.


Nærmere beskrivelse av kurset

Dag 1 fokuserer på hvorfor verdier er viktig, og hva det å jobbe med verdier og kultur handler om. Deltakerne jobber med personlig bevissthet og motivasjon, og vi bruker Barretts 7-nivås-bevissthetsmodell.

Dag 2 har fokus på individuelle verdier (Individual Value Assessments - IVA) og hvordan man forstår og bruker denne til selvutvikling og coaching. Andre del av dagen bruker til en praktisk gjennomgang av hvordan du får mest mulig ut av en organisasjonskartlegging (Cultural Value Assessment - CVA), og hvordan du går fra kartlegging til handling med en gruppe/team.

Dag 3 handler om hvordan vi kan jobbe med organisasjonskultur i organisasjoner. Vi har fokus på verdibasert lederutvikling med utgangspunkt i Barretts modell for syv nivåer av ledelsesbevissthet, og vi snakker også om hvordan man kan gjennomføre en lederworkshop. Deltakerne bruker sin egen 360-graders lederutviklingsrapport (Leadership Development Report (LDR)) som utgangspunkt for å få innsikt i egen lederadferd og for å øve på å gi tilbakemeldinger til andre.

Dag 4 er viet til veien videre og handling. Her har vi fokus på bevisstgjøring rundt visjon og misjon, og hvordan dette henger sammen med verdier. Til slutt samler vi alt til en praktisk plan for å få til kulturutvikling.

Alt kursmaterialet og lysbilder vil bli delt med deg. Du får også med deg en gratis kartlegging for å hjelpe deg i gang med ditt arbeid.  


Prisen på kurset er 25 500 NOK. I denne avgiften inngår:

Fire fulle kursdager – beskrevet over
Kursbok: ”The Values-Driven Organization” av Richard Barrett
Gjennomføring og analyse av dine personlige verdier (IVA) koblet til din organisasjons verdier.
Gjennomføring og analyse av en Leadership Development Report -360°-feedback på din lederstil.
Lunsj alle dager
En gratis måling som du kan bruke i etterkant til en valgfri kunde. Du kan velge mellom:

1 Small Group ​​Assessment, SGA for 20 personer med IVA for alle inkludert
1 Leadership Development Report, LDR

Alt materiale og øvelser fra kurset som du står fritt til å bruke i dine prosjekter



Ingunn Vagstein har erfaring fra å bruke CTT-verktøyet i en rekke organisasjoner i både offentlig og privat sektor. Hun har bl.a. benyttet verktøyet til sammenlikning av kultur i ulike offentlige enheter, til å bidra til fusjoner og oppbygging av nye organisasjoner, til håndtering av kulturutfordringer i organisasjoner i krise og til å utvikle enkeltledere og lederteam. Ingunn har solid erfaring fra å rådgi både ledere og ansatte i endringsprosesser, og fra å drive workshops og prosesser både i små og store grupper. Hun har også bred erfaring fra coache og utvikle ledere i omstillingsprosesser. Ingunn er utdannet sosialantropolog.

Inger Beate Botheim har lang erfaring fra ledelse i offentlig sektor og brenner for verdibasert ledelse. Hun har hatt lederansvar i store offentlige sammenslåingsprosesser, hvor kultur, ledelse og organisasjonsutvikling har vært sentrale fokusområder. Hun er sertifisert i CTT og har erfaring fra å bruke verktøyet i kulturutvikling. Hun har jobbet mye med egen personlig utvikling for å få større personlig innsikt og bli en bedre leder, og har akkurat fullført en utdanning som coach. Inger Beate har i tillegg en Master in Business Administration (MBA), samt en bachelor i samfunnsgeografi.


For spørsmål eller påmelding, kontakt

Evolutionary Coaching
Dates: Apr 26 to Apr 29
Location: Northampton MA
Trainer: Patrik Somers Stephenson
Language: English
Price: $US 1,950.00

This course is a 3-day non-residential program based on Richard Barrett's book, Evolutionary Coaching, created to enable participants to facilitate through coaching "human emergence of full spectrum consciousness'' (Richard Barrett). Evolutionary Coaching is for leaders, coaches, and consultants who wish to expand their coaching toolkit to incorporate coaching with values and Richard Barrett's Seven Levels of Consciousness Model.

For more information, please visit Illuminesta's website or Evolution Inside Out™ page

Evolutionary Coaching Training is a coaching program with CTT accreditation for assessments for individuals and leaders:

IVA - Individual Values Assessment*,
IDR - Individual Development Report,
LVA - Leadership Values Assessment,
LDR - Leadership Development Report.

(* with the option to have data plots only)

Participants will be BVC-registered as an Evolutionary Coaching Consultant.

Additional Description:

Evolutionary Coaching 
Patrik Somers Stephenson

If every leader had an evolutionary coach, 
if every leader was an evolutionary coach, 
every workplace would be the best possible place to work.

In an ideal corporate world, managers are coaching leaders, listeners with excellent communication skills, empathic and supportive with insights in others and themselves. With these so-called soft skills leaders give oxygen to the culture of their organisation. In the real world, managers suffer from chronical stress and pressure because of numbers, targets and expectations. If they hear talking about values, they can only imagine shareholder values. They will blame the stress around them for the stress inside their head, their body, their system.

What if the stress and tension around you is a mirror of the stress inside you? People who keep on complaining how VUCA the world is, must experience this Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in their head. If you can shift your mind from fear to trust, stress and tension will reduce or even disappear in yourself, and consequently also around you. You will experience another VUCA reality of Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility. How to get there? Here is a simple answer in three steps to a complex challenge: first allow yourself to be coached by an evolutionary coach, next become an evolutionary coaching leader for your people, and before that join the Personal Mastery Class Evolutionary Coaching.

“I have absolutely no time to be coached, I work non-stop long hours,” is the most commonly heard response. My answer to that is clear: “Time management is an illusion. You can’t manage time. You can only manage your energy and priorities.” The outcome of evolutionary coaching might be less stress and tension, less excessive focus on having enough and being good enough, easier to move from fear to trust and your whole system will get more space to breath: oxygen. The return on investment in evolutionary coaching is exponential for yourself and the people around you in your professional and personal life.

After this liberating experience as a coachee, you will want to become an evolutionary coaching leader. Therefore you join the accreditation programme Evolutionary Coaching. And this is a 3-day investment with a big risk. You might start understanding and supporting your employees’ needs. They might respond with a higher level of engagement, wanting to commit their energy to the organisation, bringing passion and creativity to their work. Are you really willing to take that risk? If every crisis in the world is a crisis because of poor leadership and lack of consciousness, the answer to every crisis is conscious leadership. And that is exactly where we focus on in Evolutionary Coaching.

Evolutionary Coaching seems to be a magic, life-changing experience for participants, based on the book of the same name written by Richard Barrett. The book and the course offer a new psychological framework of human development. This values-based model will inspire you to facilitate the emergence of the full potential of yourself and people around you. It helps yourself and others to participate in your/their own evolution. It puts every human growth in a new perspective, where you can experience exactly where you are in your evolution, what you need to move forwards and what is holding you back. This is not just another psychological model. Its uniqueness is that every life story is a story of ego/soul dynamics.

I realise that some of you might drop out when they hear talking about ego and soul. Most of the people either love their ego because it is their only hold, or they hate their ego because they see it as an obstacle. Neither is true. The truth is that we are not our ego. We have an ego that helps us to survive by meeting our survival, safety and security needs. The key question is: how much trust or fear is there in our system about meeting our basic needs: about having enough to survive, about being loved enough to feel safe, about being good enough to feel secure? It is the fear in your system about these needs that is the obstacle, undermining your life and creating tension and stress. You are the creator of your own stress, nobody else. 

Personal transformation work refers exactly to this: how to move from fear to trust about having enough, being loved enough and being good enough. That implies discovering how your fears come from limiting beliefs in your past. They have served you at some point in your life to survive, but they don’t serve you anymore. In contrary, this lack of internal cohesion creates frustration and separation because of dysfunctional behaviour. Why would you give all your power away to these fears? Moving from fear to trust means making yourself free from your attachment to these fears and that will empower your inner self, liberate your ego to align with your growth needs or soul desires. Here comes the soul into the picture.

Talking about soul might create confusion or even resistance, which is fine. If you look at the soul of your organisation, what are you looking at? The words that come to my mind are: energy, purpose, fulfilment, connection. The same for every human being: your soul, your essence, your inner self refers to your yearning for meaning and fulfilment. When people have an excessive focus on salary and status and they’re experiencing an inner fragility and emptiness, they start asking: “What’s next? Is there nothing more in life than this? What is the purpose of this all?” Sometimes a crisis in life brings you to these deeper life questions.

In Evolutionary Coaching we see how your ego has to be detached from your fears, so that it can align with your growth needs of meaning and purpose (internal cohesion), making a positive difference in the world and selfless service. Looking at your soul desires, we talk about self-expression, connection and contribution. And you try to find a healthy balance between self-interest and common good. We don’t teach this at the Evolutionary Coaching course, we give you an experience from inside out by walking the seven levels and sharing the energy at each level. You will find out what it means that we grow in stages of psychological development, we operate at levels of consciousness and we are embedded inside worldviews. This all is a values-based approach as our values are a reflection of our needs. 

Some coaches and leaders confirm how strongly they are already focused on their growth needs, soul desires and the common good, which is great. In that case, we explore and discover how any emotional attachment and excessive focus is a compensation for an unmet basic need. You can only fully self-express with your creativity, passion, generosity, humour/fun, if you can move from fear to trust about your survival need of having enough. You can only fully connect and collaborate with empathy, if you can move from fear to trust about your safety need of being loved enough. You can only fully contribute with humility, forgiveness, vision, wisdom, if you can move from fear to trust about your security need of being good enough.

How much do you feel victim of people and circumstances in your life? And how much victim of your past? To become proficient in personal mastery, you have to realise that no one or no situation can upset you. You always upset yourself. Personal Mastery means that you start owning your reactions and make yourself responsible and accountable for every emotion. In this process of personal mastery, you don’t depend on others to feel okay about having enough, being loved enough and being good enough. You let go your fear-based limiting beliefs that come from your parental programming and cultural conditioning. You transform them into positive, trust-based beliefs.

What is finally my role in all of this? As a facilitator of the Evolutionary Coaching course, I create and hold a safe space where participants can grow and evolve, where they can have and share an in-depth experience of the next steps in their personal transformation journey. The same for evolutionary coaches and leaders: they guide their people into a safe space of growth and evolution. This space will grow with their personal evolution. A space where everybody can be the best they can be for the world, by finding and living their purpose, by reaching their potential. That is how we all bring this ideal world closer to the real world.

‘Evolutionary Coaching’ is the title of Richard Barrett’s book:

‘Evolutionary Coaching’ is a 3-day, non-residential Barrett Values Centre accreditation course, approved by ICF for 24 CCE units (10 hours Core Competencies and 14 hours Resource Development), created by Patrik Somers Stephenson:

The BVC accreditation gives you lifelong access to values assessments for individuals and leaders as tools for personal transformation and evolutionary coaching.

May 2019

CTT Practitioner
Dates: May 1 to May 3
Location: London
Trainer: Faiza Khokhar
Language: English
Price: £ 2,700.00

Culture is becoming one of the most important issues for leaders today, as they grapple with increasing complexity and a rapidly changing landscape. Whether its managing risk, responding to changing legislation, adapting to new technologies and marketing channels, organisational growth or navigating new markets; companies are realising that creating cultures that are responsive, agile and values-driven a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

The CTT Practitioner course will equip you to grow your competence and confidence in initiating and leading personal and collective cultural transformation and values-based leadership development. The 3 1/2-day Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) course, is built upon the extensive international expertise of leading organisational transformation consultants and contains real-life business cases, dialogue workshops, personal development, experiential exercises, practical anecdotes and accompanying support materials. The combines course qualifies participants for both Part 1 and 2 training over three and a half days. Please note there will be pre-work and Day 2 continues into the evening.

The course will be led by Faiza Khokhar, an experienced Business Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Facilitator with over 18 years of experience helping organisations and leaders flourish as they navigate significant transitions. Faiza is passionate about enabling organisations and leaders to discover their purpose and live their values in order to make the greatest impact in the world around them.


The course is designed for coaches, consultants, HR Practitioners, leaders and change agents who would like to become certified users of the CTT tools. Those that benefit most from the course are interested in taking a holistic view of organisational, group and individual development and seeing the link between their own transformational journey and that of the wider system.
The course will empower you in your role as a change agent and provide you with practical methods and approaches to lead cultural transformation with your clients. The course applies both to beginner and experienced practitioners. If you've already attended a CTT Foundation course (CTT Part 1), then it is still valuable for you to attend all 3 days of this course. Although some of the CTT Foundation elements are similar, the training itself has a different approach to learning and is much more practical and experiential.

Additional Description

Day 1: We work with our own personal consciousness and motivations as leaders and learn more about the 7 Levels of Consciousness model. Taking a systemic lens we look at how to achieve sustainable whole system change. Understanding our own values and how they influence our work, we introduce the Individual Values Assessment (IVA) and how to read and use it for self-development and coaching. Moving from individual to the group we gain practical experience on how to get the most out of a Cultural Values Assessments (CVA), and how to move into actionable results with a team.

Day 2: Addresses organisational culture and using the tools to understand how to work with sub-cultures, effectively support mergers and acquisitions as well as using the tools for leadership development and coaching (we will continue working into the evening on Day 2)

Day 3: is devoted to direction and action. It covers the creation of vision and mission statements and, finally, we bring everything together into a comprehensive and practical plan for creating values/cultural transformation. The day also includes marketing practices.

To support your practice, you are offered two assessment (IVA and SGA or LDR) once qualified.


Faiza Khokhar

A Chartered Business Psychologist, OD Expert, facilitator, and Executive Coach, Faiza brings over 18 years of experience helping organisations and leaders flourish as they navigate significant transitions. Faiza’s grounded and commercial approach is built on a strong foundation of both consulting across various business sectors and FTSE 100 companies as well as experience working in-house within the financial services sector. She has worked with clients such as Old Mutual, Allianz, Barclays, Harrods, Hilton, BAT, Easy Jet, RBS,  WILink, RBS, Royal London, BT, Nestle, RM Machines and HM Revenue and Customs.

Faiza gained particular recognition, supporting a six-year culture transformation as part of a business turn-around at Old Mutual, a £13.7 billion international investment, savings, insurance, and banking group with over 16million customers worldwide. Her work involved embedding and aligning a high-performing values-driven culture to an ambitious strategy and vision, that placed the customer at the heart of the organisation’s purpose. Faiza acted as the trusted advisor for senior leaders across the Group, coaching them to lead authentically, manage ambiguity and collaborate across complex matrix structures. The Old Mutual Story has been recognised as a best practice case study by Barrett Values Centre and the Financial Reporting Council.

Much of her recent work involves supporting small to medium sized entrepreneurial organisations to embed a strong and cohesive culture that is aligned with their strategy and long-term vision and purpose. With her training in group dynamics and psychology Faiza supports leaders to think systemically and holistically, in order to work faster through difficult operational, political and cultural challenges. She is regularly invited to support teams understand how to manage their unique dynamics and increase their effectiveness and performance.

Faiza works with organisations in the areas of Leading cultural change, team alignment, developing values and visioning, strategic story-telling, engaging employees, conflict resolution, building effective teams, selecting and retaining talent, motivating employees, handling difficult conversation, transformational leadership, diversity and inclusion, communication and influencing skills, understanding power dynamics and developing coaching skills.

Faiza has a BSc (Hons) in Psychological Sciences an MSc in Occupational Psychology and is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society and Health and Care Professionals Council. She is also studying for an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy at the Gestalt Centre, London. She is qualified in the Barrett Culture Transformation Tools and is a partner trainer with the Barrett Culture Values Centre. In addition, she holds accreditations such as MBTI Step 1 and 2, FIRO-B. 16PF, California Psychological Inventory, Time to Think: Thinking Partnership (Nancy Kline), Systemic Constellations, Action Learning  as well as qualified in methods and strategies rooted in World Work and Process Psychology for applications in conflict resolution, solving complex problems and facilitating teams, organisations and communities (Facilitation for Leaders, CFOR).

In her spare time, Faiza enjoys painting and being inspired by art, different cultures and anything colourful. Faiza also offers her time to providing therapy at a London based charity supporting marginalised women. 

CTT Practitioner
Dates: May 6 to May 9
Location: Antwerp
Trainer: Else Nollet
Language: Dutch
Price: € (excl. VAT) 3,000.00

CTT Practitioner Certification Course

This new 4-day Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) Certification Training supports you in building practical skills and confidence to enable you to work with cultural transformation and values-based leadership development with your clients, to support leaders in building values-driven organizations.

The CTT Practitioner program is built upon collective international expertise of cultural transformation through real-life business cases and workshops, and comprehensive support materials.

This program provides coaches, consultants and change agents with everything you need to, firstly, become accredited to use these powerful suite of values-based diagnostic CTT tools and, secondly, to learn a variety of practical methods and approaches to fully integrate these tools into your client proposition.

The program offers you the opportunity to learn by reading, observing, practicing and reflecting on yourself, your own challenges and through working with others. Additionally, it includes post-training mentoring to help get you started.

If you've already attended a CTT 1 or 2 course, we still advise you attend all 4 days of this program, as some CTT 1 elements has been improved. It is a nice and deepening learning opportunity. Please contact us for more information. Register best 4 weeks in advance.

The course is based on two books, The Values-Driven Organization – Unleashing human potential for performance and profit, and Get Connected – A Practical guide to grow a desired team culture. The four day program is build upon 7 modules based on the principles of a holarchy and the fact that “it’s all connected”. After the introduction of “Why” it starts with “Me”, then “Team” and “Organization”, and at the final day putting it all together connecting your new knowledge with your challenges and to “Society” and the “World”. The training also include pre-work and activities after the four days.

Each participant is asked to complete 3 values assessments in order to get own personal experience and practice using CTT. There are 2 self-assessments, the Personal Values Assessment (PVA) and the Individual Values Assessment (IVA) and a 360° tool Leadership Development Report (LDR). The course also include a free IVA and a Small Group Assessment (SGA) or an LDR to be used after the four days with your own clients.

A warm welcome to enjoy this special 4 day transformational and hands-on journey.

Additional Description:


Dag 1:Module 1: Waardengedreven organisaties

           Module 2: Persoonlijke transformatie

Dag 2: Module 3: Zelfbewustzijn gebruikmakend van CTT

            Module 4: Verbondenheid in teams

Dag 3: Module 5: Gedeelde waarden, missie en visie

           Module 6: Leiderschapsontwikkeling

Dag 4: Module 7 : Synthese
: het volledige proces van cultuurtransformatie

Reductie early bird - 2800 Euro / CTT 1 licentie deelnemers - 1950 Euro  - inschrijven en betalen 4 weken voor aanvang van de training

Esclarmonde begeleidt organisaties bij het proces van cultuurtransformatie vanuit een integrale visie en met een dynamische aanpak. Waarden zijn fundamenteel voor persoonlijke en organisatorische transformatie. Veerkracht en duurzaamheid is het resultaat. Else Nollet is zaakvoerder van Esclarmonde, Global Trainer/Partner Barrett Values Centre sinds 2004.  Zij heeft 17 jaar ervaring als facilitator, trainer en coach werkzaam zowel in de bedrijfswereld als in educatie.   Deze kennis, wijsheid en ervaring wordt doorgegeven tijdens de training alsook door mentor te zijn bij cultuurtransformatie-trajecten en aan ondernemende starters.


CTT Practitioner
Dates: May 6 to May 9
Location: Sydney
Trainer: Niran Jiang
Language: English
Price: $USD (excl. tax) 3,600.00

Integral CTT Practitioner Training from the Institute of Human Excellence (IHE)

IHE was founded by Sir John Whitmore and Niran Jiang. Organizations across sectors worldwide have been choosing IHE as their preferred partner for cultural transformation, leadership development, and executive coaching.

If you wish to become an integral change agent to aid human consciousness evolution, this is an essential training for you. It is designed for consultants, change agents and human resource professionals who want to become highly skilled and confident in leveraging the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) for leadership development and organisational transformation.

Your trainer Niran Jiang is a highly effective organizational development practitioner with over 25 years of diverse experience from around the world. She has led some of the most high-profile transformation initiatives using CTT tools, for clients such as NIB, Westpac, Dai-ichi Life, Medicare, Centrelink, Telecom NZ, China Mobile, BT and National Trust. She is also a seasoned trainer who has developed thousands of coaches and CTT practitioners worldwide.

Niran will guide your learning with a wealth of practitioner knowledge, client case stories, and best practice studies. Participants will engage in a highly experiential journey to develop CTT expertise, practical skills as well as self-belief to make a difference in this field with your personal edge.

The objective of this training is for you to deeply explore the seven levels of consciousness map and to gain mastery in various aspects of the CTT diagnostic tools and change process. We aim to enable you to feel confident to apply CTT models and tools with knowledge and integrity as well as to build your capacity to be the change you wish to see and to carry the work you deliver to your clients.

The baseline programme represents the latest harvest out of a collaborative training re-design journey among the CTT trainer network worldwide. It is underpinned by the collective wisdom of the CTT practitioners as well as clients since the inception of the CTT tools. Upon this foundation, Niran Jiang will lead you through an integral whole person, whole system journey, co-created with you to:

  • Gain technical skills in CTT assessments and develop your strategic mastery and artistry to facilitate change process.
  • Immerse in a natural system of learning and transformation with images, symbols, and metaphors to uncover your inner knowing and intuitive insights. 
  • Expand your horizon on human development and change dynamics grounded in the converging wisdom from Western psychology and Eastern traditions.

This training covers all the essential elements of our CTT Part 1 Models & Tools and CTT Part 2 Building a Vision-guided, Values-driven Organisation programmes. Yet it goes beyond by leveraging IHE’s integral training methodologies to offer you a development journey to integrate your learning and application to become a successful CTT practitioner.

For CTT consultants trained by IHE, Niran may be engaged to mentor business development, project design, and client delivery, as well as to coach consultant’s transformation capability expansion. Niran is a strategic advisor, change facilitator, and executive coach, with over 25 years of personal and organisational development experiences around the world. Her areas of expertise include leadership development, cultural transformation, business innovation, diversity, and inclusion. Niran has led numerous high-profile organisational transformation initiatives across a wide spectrum of sectors. She coached hundreds of executives and managers with diverse cultural, social, professional and personal backgrounds. She is a seasoned trainer who has developed thousands of coaches and change consultants worldwide.


Quotes from Past Participants:

"It was the best training I have been on. It exceeded all my expectations. The learning style that Niran imparted was so unique and is definitely the best way of learning. She really enabled the group dynamics to flow and spent a great deal of time focusing on the mindset, which was really important. Wow – what a fabulous facilitator. Niran took us on a learning journey that I never expected. Her strength, compassion, warmth, wisdom, and humour was inspiring and made me crave to learn. I did not want the training to end! Niran is a unique facilitator and I hope she continues to share her gift with the world." - Melissa Chamberlain, Department of Human Services, Australia

"The open flowing dialogue and conversation throughout entire experience kept me wanting to learn more and adapt it for my needs. Niran was simply the most incredibly powerful facilitator of facilitators of all time on a topic that resonates with the heart of her style, approach, and human delivery.  Niran is the program! It is no wonder she is in high demand and anyone that has the opportunity of her time is extremely fortunate." - Mark Pallot, Corporate Crayon, Australia

"Niran provided a rich context for learning by sharing her experience of using the tools with clients and the impact it can have.  Her willingness to be genuine and open about her own learning is most valuable– never trying to prove expertise and in this way encouraging us to make the tool our own. She is genuine, experienced, professional, to the point, providing rigour and checking to ensure it has been understood by everyone, with exceptional listening and retrieving information to help participants create greater understanding about themselves and all they have to offer at work and in life." - Hermione Stewart, Emmanate, Australia

“Exceptional!!! The time and energy given to working through the course’s concepts and applications were most valuable. Exercises and group work enabled a thorough learning experience. Niran was the perfect facilitator with a thorough knowledge of the course and an unbelievable understanding of business, people and the world, which adds to the richness of the course. The course wouldn’t have been the same without her energy, wisdom, and knowledge.” - Michael Sanese, Department of Human Services, Australia

“Being there in this training was most valuable – being held so effectively in a learning space while allowed the group to flourish, with abundance and flexibility, such an enriching experience. Niran’s exceptional wisdom, experience, holding power, rich cultural and multi-cultural perspectives are/were what allowed me to “stay” with every moment. The experience is now part of who I am.” - Di van Meegen, Directions for Change, Australia

“Realising that the content of the workshop fully met my expectations and anticipation was the highlight, “AAH-HAA”. I took away a specific purpose/goals. Our group had the privilege of engaging with the most insightful, bright and entertaining facilitator I have ever met…and I have met many!” - James Trebert, Alstrom Power, Australia

“The collective commitment and action to support each other, as well as discovering how transforming unfolds through awareness and exploration were the highlight of this workshop. Niran was an inspiration and was enormously gifted in her delivery of the training.” - Heather Miles, Transforming Strategy Into Action, Australia

“I value the opportunity to learn about the tool in a rich and supportive environment and the excellent facilitation and shared learning. Very much appreciated Niran’s approach, which is unique and generous.” - Angela Bright, Department of Human Services, Australia

“I feel my time was very well utilised. There are no areas I feel should be changed. The “a-ha” moments, seeing the depth of the toll was a highlight. Niran was a very experienced and credible facilitator. She gives a lot of her time and energy – and she does it willingly. This programme is what business is crying out for.” - Victoria Wilson, Hastings Funds Management, Australia

“The opportunity to role-play, understanding the model and sharing experience of the group – what works/doesn't were most valuable. The ability to work on some issues was the highlight. Niran was gorgeous. She went to where the individuals and group needed.”  - Annemarie Holub, Woolworths, Australia

“The seed planted to develop curiosity in these topics and to promote development through consciousness was the highlight of this training. Valuable materials and contacts, new tools, concepts, skills to work with development. Niran has wonderful energy for facilitating and inspiring.” - Felipe Jara Burchardt, Chile

“Great course, great participants, and a great trainer. Niran is very accommodating, very helpful and very cheerful. Learning new things, understanding the 7 level of consciousness, getting to know other cultures by interacting with fun people from other countries.” - Hestu Waskito, Lembaga Sandi Negara, Indonesia

“Niran is a master of the material and seems effortless in sharing it and answering questions, very gracious and enjoyable. The energy of the group, location and food, and the ease and professionalism of the facilitator were the highlights. Thank you for a great course – I feel confident in using these great tools.” - Anthony Anderson, CO Creation Partners, Australia

“Being able to learn in a non-judgmental and kind space was renewing and re-energizing, taking the content to a new level of understanding and experience. Most valuable to learn from Niran and her balance of competency training, the technical knowledge and deep experience. Niran is truly extraordinary, dancing with dexterity between the levels of consciousness in her teaching and her presence, with love, strength, wisdom, knowledge, humour and generosity. This training was a gift and a privilege. It has opened up new paces of awareness for me, and new possibilities for community connection and meaning.” - Hayley Kodesh, P 7 Consulting, Australia

“Niran’s deep knowledge and experience of working with organisations, senior leaders and CEOs plus in-depth energy and expertise with the seven levels of consciousness have been invaluable. I just cannot begin to express the breadth and depth of my learning. Niran also helped me to become a more conscious trainer, facilitator and coach. She is light itself, so generous, so very insightful, wise and beautiful!” - Kristyn Haywood, People for Success, Australia


Additional Description:

This training is conducted over 4 full days (usually from 9 am to 5 pm), in a small group workshop, during the dates specified above.

You will have fun exploring in an experiential, interactive and action-learning environment for self-discovery and personal development. Your learning will be enriched by the personal stories, real-life examples and case studies from Niran. You will practice through case study and be empowered to act as a transformation facilitator for bringing cultural transformation to life with your clients.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be accredited to use a powerful suite of values-based diagnostic tools as well as to gain practical process tools and methodologies for designing and facilitating leadership and organizational transformation journey. You will be certified with both CTT Part I and CTT Part II accreditation with full access to all CTT products and online consulting materials.

You will receive either a free Small Group Assessment (for up to 20 people) or a free Leadership Development Report to further integrate your learning from the course, as well as one free Individual Values Assessment. Niran and IHE may be engaged to guide your next steps, mentor your practice, support you in delivering complex CTT initiatives, and/or designing large-scale transformation journey for your clients.

For programme details and session timing, please contact

For programme details, please contact