Self-Leadership Coaching Program

Do you recognize reactive and limiting patterns in you that obstruct all kind of change efforts? Do you have a desire to know and to live your heartfelt professional purpose? Do you feel you have leadership potential and professional talents which are waiting to be fully awakened and expressed? 

The Self-Leadership Coaching program has been created to answer these questions taking into account the complexity of human personality patterns. The program brings together two powerful transformation systems: The New Leadership Paradigm and Evolutionary Coaching developed by Richard Barrett, and the Internal Family System (IFS), developed by Richard Schwartz. Whether you are leading an organization, a team or working with people as a coach or consultant, developing your capacity to lead from Self (Self-Leadership) is at the basis for more evolved and life-serving interactions with others.


Target Group

  • Leaders and Managers who are ready to express their full potential through a process of deep inquiry into limiting beliefs and behaviors (reactive patterns) and core values and purpose (guiding forces).

  • Coaches, consultants, change agents and training/HR professionals who are inspired to go deeper into the inner process to expand levels of consciousness and be more effective in roles, both with individual clients and organizations. 


Content and Structure

The program consists of two modules designed to integrate the leadership and personal developmental models. Pre-work for each module includes reading assignments, exercises, group practices and coaching sessions with the trainers, and it is an integral part of the training. 


Module 1
In the first module, we will introduce the Self-Leadership Coaching Program model combining the two approaches previously mentioned. The focus is on developing the Personal Mastery capacities through the identification and transformation of fears and limiting beliefs that hinder the ability of a leader/coach to express their full potential.  

Module 2
In the second module, we will deepen our understanding of the Self-Leadership Coaching Program model. We focus on the capacity to create Inner Cohesion by reflecting on the strengths, temperament, values, motivations and purpose of a leader/coach closing with a development plan that supports the full expression of these potentialities.  
The coaching (C) and group sessions (GS) are opportunities to deepen the experience and learning process of the participants.


Schedule and Time Investment

Module 1: 4 days (residential style) 
Module 2: 3 days (residential style) 

Group Session: 2h
Individual Coaching: 4 sessions of 1:30 h each 
Preparation for Module 1: approximately 12:00 h
Preparation for Module 2: approximately 6:00 h



Please see the Endorsed Training Schedule

The training will be conducted in English. Depending on the participants’ preference, group work and coaching sessions can also be conducted in German, Spanish or Portuguese. 

BioVitalHotel Sommerau in St. Koloman near Salzburg, Austria.

The hotel is located in a beautiful landscape area about 30km South-East of Salzburg airport. Taxi service to the hotel is available. If needed, we also offer a shuttle service from Munich.

The investment for Module 1 and 2, including 2 books, handouts and materials, a leadership or individual development report assessments (LDR or IDR) and 4 individual coaching sessions with either one of the trainers are €2.400 Euros (total €2.856 Euros including 19% VAT). 

Travel cost, board, and lodging are not included. The special rate at BioVitalHotel Sommerau for lodging including breakfast and 2 meals is €86.- Euros for a single room and €79.- for double room occupation per diem.  Beverages and other amenities and services available at the hotel are charged individually.


Roberto Ziemer is a specialist in Organizational Culture and Leadership Development Programs. Since 2001 he has been certified as a consultant by the Barrett Values Centre (BVC) and trainer/partner since 2014. Also certified in the Internal Family System (IFS) model by the Center for Self-Leadership and on Managing Individual and Organizational Transition by William Bridges & Associates. He has conducted several projects on cultural alignment and leadership development in organizations in Brazil. He has a master degree in Organizational Psychology, he has written two books on human and organizational development and revised three of Richard Barrett´s books into Portuguese Brazilian.    

Dr. Anette Hammerschmidt is a coach, consultant, and trainer specializing in leadership skills, organizational development, and international cooperation. Prior to her consulting career, she had spent several years leading an intercultural team in a multinational company in Germany. She first got familiarized with the Internal Family System (IFS) in 2004 and is certified by the Center for Self-Leadership. Furthermore, she is a certified consultant in Systemic Organizational Development and Coaching by WIBK since 2003 and by the Barrett Values Centre since 2013. She has conducted organizational development projects and leadership training worldwide from Europe to Brazil, United States, UAE, and Asia. She holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy with a thesis on Understanding Otherness and is currently co-writing a book on the nature of attitude.

For further information, please, contact:
Roberto Ziemer:
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For reservations, please contact:
Sarah Wodezki: 


Terms and Conditions

Application to the program is effected in written to the office: You will receive a written confirmation that you have been accepted. To secure your place, a deposit of €500 will be charged and later deducted from the total program tuition. 

With your confirmed written reservation, the hotel accommodation will also be secured. Any further specific needs and arrangements should be provided to the hotel. 


Some readings, values assessment and exercises are a prerequisite to making your participation in the program worthwhile and effective. We ask you to take the time for the preparation. Part or the preparation is one coaching session with one of the trainers to support you with the materials and insights. This coaching might be conducted face to face or virtually over skype or telephone.

Payment Conditions
The program tuition will be charged 30 days prior to the 1st day of the program. The program tuition including the deposit is € 2.856.- including VAT. Room and Board are not included in the tuition. Participants are responsible for their own lodging and meal as well as travel costs.

Participants who wish to withdraw from the program must do so in written. Participants are responsible for paying for sessions attended or missed as well as for materials and assessments received prior to withdrawal. The deposit is partially refundable if written notice of withdrawal is received by the office 40 days or more prior to the 1st day of the program. A non-refundable handling fee of €100 will be deducted.

The tuition balance (program tuition less deposit and handling fee) is refundable if written notice of withdrawal is received by the office 30 days of more prior to the 1st day of the program. The tuition balance is forfeited if written notice of withdrawal is received by the office 29 or fewer days prior to the 1st day of the program.

Travel Information
BioVitalHotel Sommerau is located about 35km South-East of Salzburg airport and 44km from Salzburg main station. Either ride might take about 30 minutes time. If needed, the hotel offers to organize a taxi service at the cost of €52.- per ride.

The hotel is located about 200km South of Munich airport and 166 km from Munich main station. Either ride takes about 2:00 h. If needed, a shuttle service from Munich can be arranged. Depending on the number of passengers the price will vary.


For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please visit our Endorsed Training Schedule for dates.